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Diaspora Jews must fight with Israel
Rabbi Levi Brackman
Published: 22.07.14, 19:05
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1. I agree
Naftali ,   Seattle,WA   (07.23.14)
I as a Black American Jew strongly agree, please count me in! and I will make Israel strong and get me closer to G-D.
2. Ditto #1
Rachel ,   New York, USA   (07.23.14)
My heart is always in Israel while my body is in Galut. Longing to daven at the Kotel again, with my brothers and sisters. May G-d uphold and strengthen K'lal Yisroel. We must never give up, never surrender, never lay down our arms, never agree to let evil prosper. Never again.
3. Defend Israel in the foreign media...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.23.14)
to begin with .
4. The Diaspora and Israel
Yossi ,   Alon Shevut   (07.24.14)
The trip of Conservative Rabbis to Israel is very encouraging and supportive.We have yet to hear a similar demonstration of solidarity from the Orthodox organizations Agudat Israel and the OU. Of course we will persevere and survive without them, but still......
5. diaspora jews
Edy Burak ,   miami , usa   (07.24.14)
the best way to to fight for jews from antisemitic countries like Turkey , Argentina , Venazuela is LEAVE and go to Israel.- make aliya before is getting worst !!!!
6. Fighting with Israel
EF Barasch ,   Elk Grove   (07.24.14)
The bigger question is will Israelis fight with Israel? Will the Haredim finally grow up and go into the IDF? Will the IDF finally do what it is supposed to do and rip out every tunnel in Gaza? I think there are big doubts on both scores.
7. Mashiach is at the door
Dan   (07.25.14)
The Rav hamekoubal Nissim Shalom declared that his grandfather ZT"L appeared to him in a dream and revealed to him that the Machiach is at his door, and ordered him to let as many jewish people as possible know about it as well as many people as possible. The Rav insisted upon the fact that whoever will send this message will be saved from the suffering which are supposed to occur with the coming of Machiach and that whoever won't do it will sustain a substantial loss of money. The Rav asked to send this message to at least 12 people, a number corresponding to the number of the tribes of Israel. It is a very favorable moment now in heaven , and to those who might be skeptical and not believe in the words of the Rav should know that the Rav would never make such a declaration without serious reasons to do so because it is forbidden to give false hopes to the Jewish people. From the Rav Yoel Benharoushe.
8. you are not alone
shona wilmshurst ,   New Zealand   (07.27.14)
When I was a little girl about 6 years old my mother gave me a bueatiful book called "Susan in the land of the Bible" itwas a presious book to me and iI still hv it today a place I long to see Israel .what the whole world needs to know that the Jewish people are Gods Adoni chosen people Jesus (Yeshua) born a Jew son of the most high God. Is coming back again he came first to the Jewish people then to the gentiles.The churches need to wake up and see he never left the Jewish people and what we r to do is b drafted into the vine and support Israel in all areas . They have a right to defend themselves and a right to live they r not against the civilians in Palestine but to stop the terrorist comb against them. look listen how would theworld like it if they had all their enemies surrounding them and firing rockets at them they wouldn't like it. Israel I let u know u r not alone and Jeshua is with you I voice my opinion and woe unto those nations that come against you they will answer for it and are .come Yeshua come quickly.
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