The Jew and the Muslim mapping Hamas' missiles
Ruthie Blum, Israel21c
Published: 22.07.14, 18:49
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1. Technical help for Israel
Ida Plaut ,   hanover   (07.22.14)
Bravo to these two young men for their technical work . Now hope a way to detect and destroy tunnels will quickly be developed.
2. Help?
rom ,   israel   (07.23.14)
I am quite confident that Israel already has in place and functioning even better technology - but it's not publicized.
3. Red alert
Fatima adreas ,   Melbourne Australia   (07.27.14)
So Israel have an app to warn their citizens when a missile is coming, how do you warn the Palestinians? You shoot the roof of their houses? Why don't you make an smart phone app for the 1000 Palestinians that have been slaughtered? Zionism at it's best!
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