30,000 attend funeral for lone soldier Max Steinberg
Yoav Zitun
Published: 23.07.14, 09:32
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1. Dogancan in Facebook
Read about the Prophet (PBUH) and how he respected Torah as the truth. The read what happens to those who curse the Jews.
2. Greater Armour anti missile capability
Zechariah   (07.23.14)
Vulnerability to Cheap Multilethal anti tank weaponry or armed personell IED needs great revision and improvement ..IDF uniforms in combat units need change three monthly .Find Perpetrators of the Stolen uniforms .
3. Our prayers and tears for the IDF soldiers..
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.23.14)
..must NEVER stop. For the sake of security for Israel, the brave soldiers have given their precious life, for us, for Israel. New names are burned into our heart: Dmitri Levitas Natan Cohen Jordan Ben Simon Names, who will roam in eternity with Israel. Our sons, Rest In Peace.
4. people of Israel,how long will you tolerate this ?
CHAIM.S ,   BROOKLYN NY   (07.23.14)
This criminally insane TRAITOROUS cowardly leftist governments hands are dripping with the blood of our young precious children. Instead of doing what any other sane country would have done when attacked by thousands of rockets, it would carpet bomb the enemy and turn its cities into rubble without one house left standing, and only then you send in your boys to clean up the human garbage, this murderous criminal gangster government under pressure from that Jew hating creature in the white house and the Nazi swines of the EU decided that the lives of those murderous terrorist vermin in Gaza is much more precious than the lives of our own beautiful children, and they sent them into this hell hole to engage in house to house battle where it was certain that a large percentage of them will be slaughtered. The murderous insanity of this gangster government has no bounds, at the very same time when the enemy is sending thousands of rockets to try to kill as many jews as possible, and at the same exact time they are slaughtering our children in Gaza, this TRAITOROUS CRIMINAL GANGSTER GOVERNMENT, IS supplying HAMAS with tens of thousands gallons of fuel each and every day. People of Israel, have you gone mad? why are tolerating this criminality, don't you realize that this TRAITOROUS government is no better than the KAPOS during world war two, who helped their Nazi masters to gas and burn their own brothers and sisters, this KAPO regime is doing the exact same thing, on orders of their jew hating masters in the white house and the EU, they are sending their own precious and beautifull young men to be slaughtered on the altar of leftism and political correctness. In any other normal country this traitorous regime would have been vomited out by the masses, and would be hanging from the gallows. CHAIM.S 1170 OCEAN PARKWAY. BROOKLYN NY
5. Luckily, we know to love our many Turkish friends
99%   (07.23.14)
While there are 1-2% in a population of 74 millions who follow the incitment of the 1/100% islamist leaders.
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