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Italy, France, Germany denounce anti-Semitic demos
Associated Press
Published: 23.07.14, 16:26
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1. KETTLE THE DEMONSTRATORS the Police do in the UK..
Anthony Fallon ,   Manchester UK   (07.25.14)
I couldn't believe reports that unruly mobs were breaking away from the more 'peaceful' demonstrators in Paris and attacked synagogues & Jewish owned stores. WHERE WAS THE POLICE CORDON ??? These hoodlums must realise than the right to demonstrate is a QUALIFIED RIGHT and is superceded by the ABSOLUTE RIGHT of polititians & lawmakers to maintain community peace and cohesion and minimal disruption to everyday life. After Paris police obvious failure to control these 'pro-palestinian' troublemakers and thugs, i hope that these morons will receive very stiff retrospective punishment from the Courts to set an example.
2. Up side down..
Sebastjan ,   Kranj, Slovenia   (07.24.14)
Jews have been bringing culture, education, science...they had brought a new, better life in Slovenia-Lendava, Murska war had happened...I can not see these dangerous treatens and anti Semitic escalations...I am prepare to defend Jewish people and their culture !
3. I hope there will be more people like Bernd Wierer
Anette ,   Essen, Germany   (07.26.14)
I walked past the old synagogue in my hometown the other day. Just to see this is now having to be protected by police, is so incredible and disgraceful. My parents who, as children, saw the same synagogue on fire cannot believe what they see and hear again today. With his words "We would never in our lives have thought it possible anymore that anti-Semitic views of the nastiest and most primitive kind can be chanted on German streets," Mr Graumann expressed exactly what we (and hopefully many people here) feel about the current demonstrations. Politics are one thing and there is nothing wrong with solidarity demonstrations (even if the majority is too one-sided) but using the humanitarian tragedy in Israel / Gaza for anti-Semitic propaganda is not only utterly disgusting but indeed most primitive and an offence to the dignity of ANYONE suffering in this conflict – Israeli or Palestinian. I hope there will be more people like the Berlin resident Bernd Wierer, who did not remain silent to the anti-Semitic slogans. Our past indeed demands particular vigilance to any kind of anti-Semitism – but it should be condemned and fought just as vigorously in any other country!
4. No doubt under pressure from Jewish lobbies (End)
Chutia ,   New Delhi, India   (07.26.14)
5. NO. Pressure from decent people.
mike ,   canada   (07.26.14)
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