'IDF does more than any other army to prevent civilian deaths'
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 24.07.14, 11:52
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1. #4, FB commentator Zal Lackow
Chutia ,   New Delhi, India   (07.24.14)
You are saying bomb every building to the ground. Have you forgotten that similar calls for annihilation were made for the Jewish people not too long ago?
2. Richard Kemp
Chutia ,   New Delhi, India   (07.24.14)
Either he is on the payroll of Israel or is a great example of the Israeli success in brainwashing. He is actually saying just the things that Israel would like everyone to believe and say. Such a moron
3. Remember "Let my people go ? "
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (07.24.14)
Hamas weil be remembered as 'Make my people stay." While both Hamas and Fatah are MIA, enjoying the luxuries of the best money has to buy any terrorists in Qatar. They both vow to fight until the last palestinian.. as long as they aren't there.
4. BLESS HIM. To see a courages man stands for the truth
5. politics
Kemp is right, but no one cares. "Morality" and "International Law" are just words people use to attack their enemies. Obama invoked R2P to butcher Libyans based on allegations that Gadaffi killed protesters, but is the main backer of Ukraine forces that are doing the same to Ukraine civilians, and supported Bahrain forces when they butchered peaceful protesters.
6. Chutia #1
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (07.24.14)
The difference here is that the Jews were not attacking Germany, Poland,Ukraine, Lithuania,Yugoslavia or any other country in the years leading up to the Holocaust. Secondly there are no mass railways taking Palestinians to death camps. Thirdly the IDF warns the civilians to get out of buildings that are being used by Hamas as weapons storage sites or missile launching sites.
7. #2 chutia
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.24.14)
I guess the truth hurts when you hear it, doesn't it Chutia? Tough.
8. #4, I meant every building with HAMAS scumbags
Z. Lazkow ,   israel   (07.24.14)
by the way, USA army in Vietnam didn't separate between civilians and Vietcong. They just bombed and bombed and dropped Agent Orange everywhere they could. They killed MILLIONS of Vietnamese people for NOTHING. 1945 Japan - again, USA "heroic" army is dropping two A-Bombs killing in instant close to 1 Million people. And you have guts to teach me morals ? We're fighting OUR E-N-E-M-Y . Enemy means Everybody. We shouldn't separate Military from civilians. But we do. NO army in the world acts like ISRAEL'S Army. Israel's army could have saved most of their casualties by being MUCH more aggressive. What about Indian army ? how many people they slaughtered over hundreds of years ?
9. Shitia from India...
sammy ,   canterbury UK   (07.24.14)
you are the moron... mr. Shitia of india...
10. Total victory over Fictional Palestine brings peace.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.24.14)
The WW II Allies permanently ended fighting with Germany and Japan by achieving total victory. Total victory over "Palestinians" is also the only way for Israel to permanently end fighting with "Palestinians". As the great General George Patton said, "There is no substitute for victory". Israel could collapse Fictional Palestine simply by ending the insane flow of Israeli food, money, materials, electricity and all other support to it.
11. # 1 All the more reason for Jews to attack Gaza with force.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (07.24.14)
The A bomb worked wonders in fact, it won the war that Japan began with America. Leave the Jews alone India has nothing to say except if you support terrorists pals, who are pals are doomed by their MIA 'leaders.'
12. #2 Chutia
Non-Jew ,   England   (07.24.14)
Richard Kemp has a proven record as a professional soldier and a world class military strategist, and is ALSO one smart cookie: if I had to pin the 'moron' label on anyone, it would be on YOU much sooner than him!
13. Chutia
Gabrielle ,   UK   (07.24.14)
What a stupid statement. So you are saying that calls for annihilation of the Jewish people 'not too long ago' was because they were sending rockets into another country.
14. KEMP....Looking for a HANDOUT....
HERB E ,   WILMINGTON DE   (07.24.14)
This guy is a typical soldier of Fortune... Looking for SOME Handout... HOW CAN you compare Israel Military to Hamas..Does he think the Jews are Stupid... hey Kemp..Go get a job that you can make clean Money.....
15. To nr 2
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.24.14)
Why do you assume that when someone speaks against Israel they speak from their heart and when someone speaks for Israel they are on Israel's payroll? As if noone can genuinely support Israel? As if noone can or should be allowed to support Israel simply because it happens to be the Jewish state? Punishing, hating or discriminating someone or applying double standards when dealing with a particular race of people or ethnicity is called racism. You Chutia, are an anti-Jewish racist and anti-Semite. Richard Kemp is correctly saying that Israel is taking far more measures than UK, USA and most armies around the world to minimize civilian casualties yet Israel is judged a lot harsher than everyone else. Speaking the truth means one is truthful and not corrupt. If you want to find a corrupt racist moron with an agenda I suggest you look yourself in the mirror.
16. To nr 1
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.24.14)
Since more than 95% of the Gazans and since more than 95% of the Arab world's population supports hatred of Jews and massacres on Jews, I don't Think that Arabs in general and Gazans in particular are so innocent and claiming that they cannot be held responsible simply because they happen to be Arabs is Another form of racism - treating them as holy cows - pardon the expression. If Israel truly wanted to annihilate the Arabs, why do 1.4 million Arabs still live inside Israel with full civil and democratic rights, why is Arabic the 2nd official language of Israel, why can Arabs run for Knesset and even sit inside the Knesset and even express hatred for Israel and sympathy for our enemies? And why hasn't Israel nuked yet all 22 Arab states? And where are your hysterical calls for Peace when Arabs are butchering each other in the hundreds of thousands? Chutia - you're an anti-Semite - it's that simple.
17. IDF should hire Kemp and make him Chief of Staff
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.24.14)
18. Chutia #1, Jews were all innocent, Arabs are all terrorists
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.24.14)
19. thank you Col. Kemp, your support/ expertise are appreciated
Rafi ,   US   (07.24.14)
20. How can Kemp be taken seriously?
Murray ,   Montreal   (07.24.14)
After all, he was only the commander of the 2nd largest contingent of troops in Afghanistan. How does this make him at all knowledgeable in military matters? Personally I prefer to have the opinions on such matters of those who have years of anti-Israel commenting experience on sites such as this one.
21. #6 You are wrong.
Albrecht ,   EU   (07.24.14)
"The difference here is that the Jews were not attacking Germany, Poland,Ukraine" You are WRONG. The "Bolsheviks" attacked at the beginning of the 20 century all European Countries, espacially Russia, Germany and Austria (including Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania) . Unfortunatelley there were so disproportionately many Jews among them, that the term (correct or incorrect) was changed to "Jewish-Bolshevism".
22. Thank you Col. Kemp! We appreciate it
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