'It's a nightmare, but I just don’t see a better policy'
Nechama Douek
Published: 23.07.14, 16:41
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1. Hamas responsibility
Danny ,   London England   (07.23.14)
If Hamas uses schools, homes, hospitals, mosques etc for military purposes then it is Hamas's responsibility if civilians are harmed. Hamas is violating the Geneva conventions. Hamas is targetting only civilians in Israel, but not much is said about it.
2. Milchemet Mitzvah
Rabbi Richard Kimble ,   Kiryat Malachi   (07.23.14)
I do not understand the breast beating by the people interview and their complete lack of knowledge of the torah.. they mix up a michelet reshut.. with a mlchement mitzvah.. the former all the excuses get a guy out. the latter even the women and children go to war.. and then. and then.. the enemy is given the choice to get out of the land.. and if they.. they are anniliated.. completely. and you know what.. no more rockets.. as there is no more hamas/arabs/ .. finito
3. IDF diserves Nobel peace prize
DOV ,   USA   (07.23.14)
4. So proud of our brave pilots!
Vered, Israel   (07.23.14)
5. War is hell but, losing is worse.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (07.23.14)
Keep the faith of our fathers. No win without a fight No israel with a loss. Victory Israel!!! I pray for you dear souls who give your all. Bless you and be safe.
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