Astronaut sees Gaza rocket fire from space: ‘My saddest photo yet’
Published: 24.07.14, 01:13
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1. Interesting how all the noble souls only notice the "sad"
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.24.14)
things our planet has to offer, when the "Jew" is somehow involved. Please spare me these crocodile tears!
2. #1, FB commentator
Chutia ,   New Delhi, India   (07.24.14)
BTW, Dbergerlaw you forgot to call gerst an anti-semite. Go ahead and call him one. When every Tom, Dick and Harry who doesn't toe Israel's line is an anti-semite, i don't think Gerst will mind at all
3. hum...he certainly has verrrrrry good eyes
from 200 miles... sure!!
stude ham   (07.24.14)
but not various airlines from around the world???
5. sad picture, but sadder to be attacked
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (07.24.14)
So, I am here in Israel and being attacked by Hamas. When I defend myself, the international community blames me. Which is sadder? My situation or that of the picture? My situation is a no-no winner, the pix is merely a reflection of the darkness and the light in the area, note that there is more darkness than light, so too the international community, they only make judgements based on mostly darkness with a bit of facts. That is really sad.
6. Its sad from the ground level too - so rather an irrelevance
The point being that you can see war going on from space . The degree of sadness is no different from whatever standpoint. What this seems to be is yet another example of emotive hysterical media garbage, offering no great insight . Ie more image less understanding.
7. #5, Larry
Chutia ,   New Delhi, India   (07.24.14)
Who asked you to come to Palestine , rob the land and rechristen it as Israel? And then take the trouble of defending yourself? And you expect everyone to cry for you and keep bashing the palestinians who are only fighting for their homes? Go back to your original homelands and leave the pals alone.
8. Herbs or other?
Mark ,   KS, Israel   (07.24.14)
I want what Gerst has been smoking, because it's definately not the herbs from the space station kitchen...
9. Comments on this thing are the saddest
jj   (07.24.14)
This can't be for real... The photo is an objective view of a war, referenced in the tweet about both sides involved and you all turn it into an imagined criticism of one side over another? you are all despicable people, especially tying the Shoa into it. Shame on anyone who made this into a political comment. Scum of the lowest. And #4, Stude Ham... I honestly can't tell if that's a joke or not. Nobody can be that dumb, can they?
10. Very clear
Mark ,   KS, Israel   (07.24.14)
...Really? Looks like any other night picture from space SHOWING THE LIGHTS ARE ON! Talk about climbing on the pathetic Hamas bandwagon.. Sensationalism not backed by accuracy..
11. no rockets here
a   (07.25.14)
These are cities with north to the right. The black area is the Mediterranean. Tel Aviv is in the middle and Haifa to the right.
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