Iran's supreme leader calls for end to 'murderous' Israeli regime
Published: 24.07.14, 09:59
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1. The State of Israel, Eretz Yisrael, is here to stay for good
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.24.14)
The Zionists regime will soon be replaced with a Torah regime as we are already standing on the threshold of the beginning of the Days of Mashiah.
2. Toilet-bowl head vomits
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.24.14)
Wants a referendum in Israel, including both Jews and Arabs? Sure, why not? Will he ever be in for a surprise. Arabs in Israel have had two decades in which to cast their lot. They could have pulled up stakes at any time, and moved to the "palestine" authority, to help build a "palestinian" state. When the modern State of Israel was recreated in 1948, Jews from all over the world -- including some of the wealthiest Jewish communities in the world -- pulled up stakes and moved to Israel, to build a brilliant and thriving state. Professors dug ditches. Surgeons built roads. Lawyers planted seedling crops. Jews MADE it work. Alas and alack for the "palestine" authority, to date, do you know how many Arab citizens of Israel have pulled up stakes and moved to Ramallah? Zip. Zero. Nada. No one. As one very loquacious and pleasant Arab taxi driver told me, "What? Leave Israel to go live under Arab rule? Do I look stupid?" So, yeah -- let's have that referendum. In the immortal words of Sergeant Gomer Pyle, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" You'd certainly expect the likes of Taib and Zoabi to have led the charge, right? Oh, hell no. They are perfectly happy to be Israeli citizens. No interest there in helping build a credible, thriving "palestinian" state. They'll pay lip service -- and then some -- but you don't exactly see them, or their vocally enthusiastic followers, actually pulling up stakes and leaving Israel, do you? Surprise, surprise, surprise! So yeah, let's have that referendum. Surprise, surprise, surprise!
3. True to his words??
Shalom ,   Ashdod   (07.24.14)
Didn't he promise in the past that he will defend Gaza? Hamas should realize who their friends are; NOBODY. These friends are willing to offer only lip service
4. Iranian theocracy-dictatorship
Joe Justice ,   Jerusalem   (07.24.14)
""There are logical and practical means to this end, which is for people who live and belong there to pick the government of their choice through a referendum" Guess what, Khameni - democracy is infused in israeli society- they have made their choice, obviously to your dismay. Your hypocrisy is only outdone by your diabolical evil.
5. Khamenei should better stick to his
Too much hatred   (07.24.14)
very own problems in Iran. Believe me, there are so numerous that he would have to use at least 7 life times to make a dent. Start with abolishing noon time public executions, for a change. Then, go to your megalomaniac nuclear programme which will be anyway dismantled no matter what. Finally, try to give a break to your own people because they are kept like animals and mostly, live like slaves. Finally, rid yourself of your Israel syndrome or else, it will soon destroy you and the many likes of you.
6. How about Israel ask the same of Iran??
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (07.24.14)
Surrrrrre !
7. khamenei's "democracy"
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.24.14)
what the demagogue is proposing is a referendum across the middle east, to "vote israel off the island". that means 8 million israelis in the midst of over 350 million arabs. khamenei doesn't have to be very bright to figure out the results of that one. effectively, ethnic cleansing by referendum.
8. To No. 1.
Bertram ,   London, UK   (07.24.14)
Torah regime? Islamist regime? You have much in common with the Ayatollah.
9. Talk Extension Means More "A" Bombs !
Roland ,   london England   (07.24.14)
10. ISIS is calling for the head of the Ayatollah
Sara   (07.24.14)
11. #2 Sarah B
Non-Jew ,   England   (07.24.14)
I was in Israel in business a couple of years ago, and a lovely Arab taxi driver took me from Netanya to Be'er Sheva, so we had plenty time to chat during the journey (and to share some great cardomom coffee his wife had put in his flask!) He told me that if the Palestinians DID ever manage to take over all of Israel, he was leaving straight away!
12. to #2, sarah b.
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.24.14)
sorry, but you're completely wrong. in a normal democracy, you might be right. but the middle east is anything but. keep in mind that 80% of gazans support hamas. this doesn't make sense, since hamas has brought nothing but poverty and misery to gaza. but they have guns. lots of guns. and speaking out against them is very bad for the health. and we aren't talking about a simple choice between living in ramallah or tel aviv. it's about destroying israel, which is a question of hate, which is plentiful in the arab world, even among arabs who have benefitted substantially from israel. and the implication is that, after "voting the jews off the island", their property would be taken by their neighbours. so i don't believe you are right.
13. Heaven or hell
US citizen ,   Atlanta, US   (07.24.14)
Regardless of my end, I am grateful that there is One that is more than mere human, One that is sovereign over all mere humans. Thanks and praise be to Him for his mercy unto us pitiful mere humans.
14. Evil Khamenei
Adil Darwish ,   London- UK   (07.24.14)
If you call self defence "murder" and you blame Israel for that, actually you are the source the source of evil. It is you & your Evil regime who train Hamas and supply the with the rocket and the technology to produce them and encourage them to attack Israel. Don't think you will get away with your evildoing soon you will pay heavily for that.
15. Ayatollah Khamenei - u also on my list - beware.
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.24.14)
16. shia terror regime of iran must be destroyed
CJK   (07.24.14)
the shia terror regime and its nuclear weapons program must be destroyed. this vile totalitarian genocidal regime has been provoking wars and has been committing acts of terror for over thirty years.
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