Funds for Gaza reconstruction won't go to Hamas
Doron Peskin
Published: 24.07.14, 19:29
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1. UNWRA ??
JAS ,   London   (07.24.14)
This was the organization that stores Hamas' rockets in its schools. Not to be trusted!!
2. UNRWA's HAMAS employees
Toby   (07.25.14)
UNRWA in Gaza hires HAMAS people and has them on its payroll.. So is any money going to go to UNRWA?
3. With Hamas collecting taxes the will keep getting rich
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NYC   (07.25.14)
They will tax: Each bag of cement Each brick Each dollar of salary Each entry into Gaza Each exit from Gaza Plus bribes, protection, and building "permits" In the end they will get 30 to 60 cents of every dollar
4. Arab contributions.
USA   (07.25.14)
Arabs, make sure the money doesn't end up in some Gaza leaders' personal bank account like Arafat with his huge stash in swiss banks.
5. Naive thinking
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (07.24.14)
Any money that is given to Gaza will wind up in the hands of Hamas. If they really want to help the poor people of Gaza let them go from house to house and give each family a wad of cash for food and shelter. Not to any Gaza "government."
6. Keeping money out of HAMAS' hands
Bob ,   Fairfield, IA USA   (07.29.14)
The only way to do this is to destroy Hamas completely. And going through the PA is not such a great idea. One can just see Abbas slavering over how much he's going to be able to steal.
7. gaza rebuild
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (07.29.14)
the current hamas regime wont give a fig they already have stolen millions in aid money , they just will just vanish that is till mossad pays them a visit
8. Whoever will recieve the money can
benji   (07.29.14)
consider their lives are in danger. Hamas will throw them off the roof tops and take the money. Leave Gaza the pile of rubble, rememberance of what happens when you back Hamas against a country that only wants peace (or should I say pipedream).
9. transferred to UNRWA?
mark ,   uk   (07.29.14)
UAE should transfer the money to Israel and they will be sure it will be used to build hospitals schools houses etc.and not used to build tunnels and buy arms it wont happen just a thought
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