Report: Rocket kills 4 children in Egypt near Gaza border
News agencies
Published: 26.07.14, 19:35
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1. Islam has bloody borders
alsky ,   Toronto   (07.26.14)
not just with Israel. Stop the Islamic Caliphate before its too late for all of us !
2. To Ihab Rida
Jonathan Lyon ,   Berkeley, USA   (07.27.14)
Ihab Rida is good at decontextualizing and then reinventing history (including when his ancestors arrived in the area) to suit his own narrative. Why, the PLO's own representative to the UNHRC Ibrahim Khreisheh admitted openly and publicly in a video interview that Israel is abiding by international law by warning civilians to leave before bombing and that Hammas is openly committing war crimes by TRYING to bomb and murder Israeli civilians and by preventing Palestinian civilians from getting out of harm's way. What a way to love your neighbor, Ihab! Ihab couches his arguments in such humanitarian terms as fits his wish for others to see him as kind and humane, when actually he is quite the opposite. Then he will tell you, "Oh I didn't mean anything by it." If I hit the nail on the head Ihab will probably respond angrily and vilify me. Peace brother Ihab, but remember: the Jews and Israel aren't leaving. And you will see soon that as soon as Hammas stops shooting rockets into Israel, as soon as they stop building tunnels for terror and launching terror forays, Israel will stop its offensive.
3. The world will remain silent unless Jews killed them!
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, USA   (07.27.14)
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