Israeli seriously wounded as Hamas fires rocket despite ceasefire extension
Ilanan Curiel
Published: 26.07.14, 22:53
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1. Hamas terrorists will never stop firing missiles
CJK   (07.26.14)
as long as they still have missiles, rockets, the hamas jihadi terrorists will continue to fire them into israel. the fact that obama openly supports them only fuels their hatred and delusions.
2. "Trust me," said the guileless terrorist
DvorahTheProphetess ,   SC, USA   (07.26.14)
And, once again, Israel trusts the falsehoods of their sworn enemy. Bibi, please unleash the forces of GEHENNA unto hamas and FINISH THE JOB! And please ask Kerry to return to Los Estados Unidos and solve OUR BORDER CRISIS!
3. Of course Hamas fires rockets despite ceasefire
C   (07.26.14)
Do Kerry and Hussein think they can change the character of human beasts? Human beasts will stay human beasts. That's what they are and that's what they know best.
4. Criminal "islam"-"hamas"
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (07.26.14)
5. Good that some of us have the time
Daniel ,   TA - il   (07.27.14)
To protest us defending ourselves. I really do not know what to say about such a luck of reality sens
6. Why didn't you report Hamas original plan
C   (07.26.14)
of having all their terrorists fire rockets throughout Israel from all tunnels at the same time on Rosh Hashanah, as we were informed by an IDF commander? We must not allow a ceasefire until all tunnels are destroyed, better yet until all terrorists are destroyed.
7. Un-stinking-believable!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (07.27.14)
Just some more bad Israeli leadership! Netanyahu is great at capitulation. How many times will ol' Bibi try and take the moral high-road? irregardless of the apparent costs...a clear detriment to his own people. Yeah, we mustn't hurt our enemy; or, isn't Jewish-blood just cheaper, so we can appease those who hate us. HINT: Bibi, no matter what Israel does, they'll NEVER like God's chosen people--period! The hatred is demonic...and, it runs deep into a black heart that knows nothing else. So, Bibi...screw what the Jew-haters think! Your number-one job is to take-care of your people...their Jewish blood. God bless Israel and His Jerusalem!!! A Christian Zionist
8. ytahnk you bibi, l;apid, livni, erdan and surprisingly yaalo
areieh   (07.27.14)
yaalon doesn't belong to this group. Bibi is nervous uncertain, livni is a coward like olmert and so is lapid who copies his father tommy in pushing ehud olmert's policies of givning away golan, west bank and east jerusalme, erdan is weakling who talks tough. and yaalon has been politicized by bibi. Jews appear weak once again. No amount of ceasefires will have any effect on the world hating israel. Do what you have to do and shut up. Whatever happens, bibi is finished politically.
9. Are U Kidding Me?!
Mark ,   Miami US   (07.27.14)
Continuing a unilateral ceasefire while your enemy continues to fire missiles at you is Not taking the high road. It's political suicide: Leaders and people throughout the world do not view this as a positive event. They feel as if Israel gave in to Hamas, whom they feel sorry for, due to the poor Public Relations and explanations by Israeli personnel. It will also make the call for Israel to continue the ceasefire by saying that if Israel could extend the ceasefire another 24 hours, it can do so again. And if Israel does not do this, the press will again blame Israel for no further extension. All while forgetting to mention that Hamas is continuing to fire missiles into Israel. Hamas will also take this as a victory: They continue to shoot rockets into Israel, trying to kill civilians, and Israel decides to stop. They also interpret this weakness due to the success of Palestinian PR campaigns. It is insane that our intelligent leaders have made such a poor decision. If Hamas is firing missiles, Israel MUST retaliate.
10. BB IS A PATZ....
les ,   canada   (07.27.14)
we can see now who is in charge of every skirmish with hamas. they call the shots, because they know leaders like olmert/bb got no backbone, and too soft to fight. a few thousand dedicated terrorists can fight one of the worlds best equipped and bravest fighters to a stand still....because of the impotent leadership. shame on them all!
11. One possibility for this decision!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (07.27.14)
Perhaps, Netanyahu, is doing this one last measure of restraint, so when Israel, finally, decides to cut-loose, they can wipe Hamas out, once-and-for all! May he's hoping the world's consensus will, finally, say: enough-is-enough of Hamas. Then, Netanyahu will have his justification in the eyes of the Jew-hating world. Again, this is just a hypotheses of mine. Hard to read one's thoughts when all of their actions are usually indecisive and without any rhyme-or-reason. In this prevailing circumstance, there should only be black and white; but, when an unsteady hand leads, there's usually a lot of gray areas thrown in. It surely muddles the picture, as it were. Netanyahu needs to stop this waffling and do what's right for Israel, and not what the world believes is right...especially, when it comes to their own distorted reality of what is right or what is wrong. Be assured, as it comes to Israel...their logic and reasoning is always going to be screwed-up! Blind hatred does that to anyone who is not willing to see beyond their own bigoted nose. I could of sworn that, like Pinocchio, I keep seeing Obama's, and his cronies at the UN, nose/s growing longer-and-longer...with each distorted lie they use to cover-up the real and simple fact: they're anti-Semites. God bless Israel!!!
12. Dear Mr. Kerry
Rube Vogel ,   Jerusalem   (07.26.14)
"some pinpoint attack... some pinpoint attack... we need to get over there." -- With all due respect Mr. Kerry you have lost all respect "over here". You and your State department have been finding every possible formulation to cast aspersions on the Israeli efforts to prevent civilian casualties and we are sick of you. It would be so much easier to just stay on our side of the border and just lob a few missiles back in the general direction. We care about civilians and are soldiers are dying because we care. Have some damn respect!
13. Respectfully. ..
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (07.27.14)
... extend best wishes to Charles, Petah Tikvah, and hope he has not suffered any problems.
14. Shades of Gray!
Eli Bodie ,   USA   (07.27.14)
Israel should, with one heavy boot to the buttocks, kick ol' Kerry out of Israel--permantly! This clown is no friend of Israel! He'd sacrifice Israel, in a New York second, to get his Nobel; just like his Kenyan-born, wanna-be, in the White House who got the Nobel for doing nothing! Where are the Twilight Zone? Everything is upside-down; all reasonable logic has been suspended. What is right is wrong...and what is wrong is right. What should be shaded in so much undescernable, distorted grays. I think many have lost their minds! God bless Israel (some of us haven't)! Praying for the peace of Jerusalem, Christian Zionist
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