Report: Hamas, North Korea sign secret arms deal
Published: 26.07.14, 23:20
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1. Israel must continue the ceasefire
George   (07.27.14)
for Hamas to get a chance to replenish their stock.
2. NK Hamas deal
Joe ,   Orlando USA   (07.27.14)
This is why Israel just needs to go on and finish off Hamas, and completely strip the territory of any weapons once and for all. Continue the blockade permanently and manage all humanitarian aid.
3. anyone who doesn't see WWIII has their
head up their ,   john kerry   (07.26.14)
4. North Korea supplies missiles to Iran, other terror entities
CJK   (07.26.14)
it is not in the least surprising that the rogue terror state of north korea will supply missiles and other arms to the rogue terror group of hamas. the relations between iran terror state and north korea are long standing and robust. iran probabaly foots the bill for the north Korean weapons destined to hamas.
5. #4, QATAR is stepping up to finance
Mea   (07.27.14)
6. Lebanese trading company
USA   (07.27.14)
7. Hamas & N. korea
sydney chaskalson ,   modi'in Israel   (07.27.14)
Did anyone tell John Kerry?
8. 1
yonatan Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (07.27.14)
Not a clever post George.
9. shipping
Testycal ,   Haifa   (07.27.14)
amazon prime could probably get it there! good luck to the shipping company. Hope they charge a danger premium cause this will not be pretty when it ends.
10. Confiscate the ahipments from North Korea
Dror ,   Haifa,Israel   (07.27.14)
Use the values of the missiles and equipment to pay for the damages the Hamass rockets caused...
11. That is why...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (07.27.14)
...the Gaza blockade should not be lifted as long as Hamas is in power.
12. Both Iran and N Korea are legitimate targets
Mordechai   (07.27.14)
Due to their providing weapons to Hamas both Iran and N Korea are legitimate targets for Israel. Due to N Korea nuclear weapons Israel should consider a nuclear first strike and destroy the country
13. Financed by Qatar
mea   (07.27.14)
TWO WORDS= satellites bombs
14. North Korean weapons in Gaza will...
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.27.14)
force Israel to vaporize it. How is Hamas PAYING for these weapons? Via an Iranian checkbook? The same Iran that Obama is French-kissing? Hamas MUST be destroyed and Gaza demilitarized if peace is ever to happen.
15. Re: "Unconfirmed report" ...
Miron ,   USA   (07.27.14)
Everyone knows Hamas rockets fly on Ukrain rocket engines. The engineer who was working on those was caught in Ukrain, not North Korea, says "confirmed" reports.
16. I'll bet Obama is not going to be happy
Arnold-Canada ,   Montreal   (07.27.14)
Even Obama has a beef with N. Korea.
17. #1, True! Agreement with Hamas:GET rockets but Don't Shoot
Z. Lazkow ,   israel   (07.27.14)
18. And Kerry wants to ease the embargo?
Vered, Israel   (07.27.14)
19. NATO security for Gaza, in exchange for Israel security
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.27.14)
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