A journey through a ghost Hamas neighborhood
Yoav Zitun
Published: 28.07.14, 01:08
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1. So sick of the sob stories from Gaza!
How about the plight of millions of Israeli citizens who must run for their lives in under 15 seconds? What about all the children suffering from psychological trauma? And isn't obvious that all the suffering in Gaza comes as a result of Hamas's terrorist activity?
2. To: Facebook Hertzel Rahmani
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.28.14)
I rarely disagree with you, but I respectfully beg to do so today. Popsicles for our soldiers -- to help alleviate the crippling heat, made worse with 40 kilos of equipment. Hamas, on the other hand, shoves its children in harm's way. They cannot be bothered with the children of Gaza. Except, of course, to send them to terrorist training summer camp -- a move enthusiastically endorsed by the parents of those children -- and to pay the parents of the odd child or two or fifty to be suicide bombers. I guess that Hamas, and the depraved residents of Gaza, never heard of popsicles. I've been watching some of the live news reports on television, and have seen the predictable screeching harpy mothers, and the chest-beating fathers. Of course, the tapes are edited not to show how everyone immediately stops their acting when the camera is turned off. Cynical is an understatement. Hamas is guilty of war crimes; Hamas is guilty of crimes against humanity. Popsicles for the Israeli soldiers -- shows our humanity. Dead and dying (possibly) children in Gaza shows the complete absence of humanity among those who rule Gaza, and those who live in Gaza. Civilization is better off without them. Let's destroy it all, and build something better in its place. For the Jewish people. The "palestinians" will have to build a future (assuming they ever learn to do anything but destroy) somewhere else.
3. Difference between Hamas and Hezbollah
Sam ,   Canada   (07.28.14)
Massive destruction makes Lebanon restrain Hezbollah from terrorist attacks. Who is there to restrain Hamas? There is no country to restrain it. Gazans support it. So, there has to be more emphasis on weakening the terrorist groups
4. Amazing story
Chutia ,   New Delhi, India   (07.28.14)
Anyone knows what's the size of Maglan? Only know they were initially planned as an anti-tank SF unit. This was the same unit that fell into trouble during the Lebanon War.
5. Glad to see the troops' are able to enjoy a Popsicle!
Taz Man ,   USA   (07.28.14)
God bless the IDF!
6. sad and glad at the same time
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (07.28.14)
I am saddened to see the destruction to the homes and properties of the people of Gaza, but at the same time, they asked for it by supporting Hamas. It saddens me that we had to go in and wreck their village and kill so many of them, but I am glad it was them this time and not us. I am saddened that the world does not understand that we had no choice; that Hamas forced us to go in and do this and that now they want us to make another meaningless ceasefire. I hope that we can hold out to force Hamas out and rid the Gaza strip of such warmongering people together with their terrible religious extremism.
7. To Mehdi
Rafi ,   Merkaz, Israel   (07.28.14)
Mehdi: You keep mentioning caves. Look around the world and take note of how many Muslims are living in mud huts/caves and how many Jews. Try to get past your inbred prejudice and get on with your life.
8. IDF's equipment not up to par
JVC ,   LA, USA   (07.28.14)
Casual observation but why are these IDF soldiers not wearing full-camo, MOLLE/PALS LBV's, light discipline on the goggles, full-size PASGT helmets rather than MICH, etc. IDF SF equipment is often made in-house. Based on the kit I carried in USG operations the Israeli gear looks unprofessional and I would feel better if I saw that what are purported to be Maglan soldiers, were using gear the rest of the SF community is using world-wide. Not a reflection on their performance by any means but telling to me that in at least the area of equipment, the IDF is not up to par. Showing them eating ice pops in the middle of a war... Also pathetic. The marines cleaned out Falluja and no one was eating ice pops, at least on camera.
9. JVC. .
Mike ,   NZ   (07.28.14)
How long did it take for the US marines to clear out Fulluja ? . . Was it weeks or. months . . And the opposition wasen't that heavily armed and they weren't underground either. . But never mind cause they sure looked good . Moral of story . It's not the gear but rather who's using it !
10. To No. 2.
Bertram ,   London, UK   (07.28.14)
You may be surprised to read that I agree with much of what you have said. Hams bears tremendous responsibility for the killing and destruction in Gaza and is indeed guilty of war crimes. However, I have a much more cynical view of the actions of both sides. Both Israelis and Gaza inhabitants are the objects of political manipulation. Hamas, whose popularity has been in decline, appears to have reversed that decline as a result of the destruction and killing. It obviously hoped this would be the outcome. At the same time, the Israeli government exploited a pretext for going in hard against Hamas - but not to destroy it. An internally strong Hamas - but 'demilitarised' as far as possible - provides relative stability. Against the backcloth of general mayhem in the region a stable Gaza is infinitely preferable to the dangers posed by other, even more extreme, groups. Finally, I am not sure exactly what you meant by 'Civilization is better off without them'. Surely not the children who were killed in Gaza? Really?
11. Ashrawi and Barghouti
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.28.14)
Who is WORSE Last night in an interview with the BBC we have Ashrawi reaching the depths of disgust by choosing to refer to Gazans as a 'Sub Human Species'. Yes it might have been in effort to describe Gaza suffering for 'dramatic effect' ...but what the public read from that was that whilst she saw GAZANS as being sub human..(and NOBODY has used that crass term before) she made no mention of the REAL SUB HUMANS who have created yet another conflict and suffering which Gazan People have to endure whilst the REAL SUB HUMANS keep themselves safe deep underground Then we have Barghouti..yet again he cant help blundering everywhere he goes Usually sharp suited, coiffered,,his last appearance on TV is a classic...dressed up Smart Casual as if to a Ramallah Fashion Show showing off the latest in Keffiyeh... All show..no substance, all shallow, no sense
12. WOW...Isarel is Proud of this...A super Israel Taking on
ALI ,   Villanova -PA   (07.28.14)
A 5 Mile by 25 mile Little Helpless area that is BLOCKED ON all BOARDERS.. For 15 days...of killing Hamas bandits..and 0ver 1000 children.. women and old people.. Israel should be ashamed of this Not Brag about the above.. Israel and the BiBi team..in Avigdor..are good for Nothing but creating more hatred for the Israelis everywhere.. Israel has Destroyed all chances of any kind of Peace with the Arab masses..May be Israel feels good about being in bed with the the current Rulers Whose Future Looks Grim..and so is the Future of Israel..
13. A day in the life of Hamas
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.28.14)
Mashaal Aide Good morning Sir...High and Mighty Protector of the Palestinian People. Ive had a idea about smashing the Israeli blockade, opening borders and improving the conditions in Gaza OVERNIGHT WITHOUT A SINGLE LOSS OF GAZAN LIFE Mashaal So you have a magic wand? Mashaal Aide No my great one...We just call off the rockets, remove the destruction of Israel as enshrined in the Charter, reject terrorism and spend our valuable resources in building hospitals instead of tunnels Mashaal Have you gone mad? Tell Gazans now after seven years there is another way? Don't think such horrible thoughts. By the way have we declared a ceasefire? Good Start firing the rockets. And its my Lauren Shirt and Gucci shoes today. I have to look my best to impress Madam Ashrawi, Barghouti and my bestest Sugar Daddy of them all..Abbas..after all I do have to keep up appearances
14. 6. amazed at your lack of knowledge
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.29.14)
Whoa, wreck their villages & kill so many of them? Each & every time Israel bombs Gaza, leaflets are dropped over the area telling the Gazans to vacate. You, residing in Israel, should be aware of this. Those citizens were forced by Hamas to remain in their villages. Remember, Hamas uses human shields, that's women & children. Wake up, will you.
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