Obama demands an immediate, unconditional ceasefire in Gaza
Yitzhak Benhorin, Attila Somfalvi, Elior Levy
Published: 28.07.14, 00:00
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1. Obama Demands What?
PS ,   Tulsa, USA   (07.28.14)
He speaks about as much for the American people as Putin does.
2. Same play, same stage
Devorah   (07.28.14)
Every time Barry and Kerry try to stick it to Israel and get called out because of it, they feel insulted and start in with the lame excuses. Boo hoo. Too bad. Guy Bechor nailed it in his op-ed piece.
3. Obama Demands
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (07.28.14)
Obama has no right to demand anything. Its not his people that are having rockets fired at them and its not his people that are threatened by the tunnels. I hope Netanyahu told him where to go.
4. And AMERICA demands an immediate,
DvorahTheProphetess ,   SC, USA   (07.28.14)
UNCONDITIONALLY SECURE BORDER with Mexico. Helloo-o-o Obama? Remember us?
5. Obama/Kerrry betrayal of Israel
Aaron A Kaplan ,   Plano/ U.S.A   (07.28.14)
Obama demands everything from israel and expects nothing from the terrorist Hamas which is an offshoot of Obama supported Muslim Brotherhood. He demands a ceasefire from Israel while Hamas shoots rockets. He lectures Israel how unacceptable Palestinian civilian deaths are, but isn't Obama lecturing the wrong side?
6. Obama is not king
Brod ,   USA   (07.28.14)
Obama is not king or god of Israel. He is not king or god of USA too. He has no business telling Israel what to do. It is time Israel's leaders focus on defending the nation by defanging HAMAS' rockets and tunnels that pose an existential threat to Israel.
7. Useless fool
ggg ,   Tel Aviv   (07.28.14)
Wondering when O'Bummer would leave his golf course to demand surrender to terrorists. His agenda is getting clearer by the day and if America wants to save itself - and the world - from this sicko it must act fast to find something on him to get him permanently removed.
8. obama is a child in a mans body
LARRY ,   20 years us army vet   (07.28.14)
the guy is dazed with drugs for his nerves.if Israel retreats what the hell will prevent hamas from firing on israeli cities the moment the idf starts looking for tunels thank the heavens the US will get a new congress in a few months making obama a lame duck .obama is a disgrace to the history of the US
9. obama is actually working for hamas!
goyboy   (07.28.14)
I cant believe what is going on. The Americans have lost their minds. Obama is deliberately putting Israel behind hamas. Netanyahu really must chose to continue and finish hamas - at least some form of decisive victory.
10. Congress Leaving
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (07.28.14)
Congress starts vacation on Wednesday. They might come back in September. Obama has never had or used leverage for either side in this conflict. Has never once pressured, really pressured, either side to do anything. This might be a time to see what happens.
11. Obama policy is going to kill Israelies.
Lily   (07.28.14)
the ceasefire should come from Hamas the initiatored of the violance. Humanitarian will only give Hamas more time to reload weapons.
12. I repeat and reiterate Patti Moss's facebook statement
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.28.14)
13. demand
ROBERT ,   FARMINGTON,WV   (07.28.14)
Obama needs to learn people skills, you don't call someone up and demand something that you have no control over. Israel isn't America heck I have a dog I don't demand.
14. Hussieni leaves israels needs to the end, to be ignored
bernard ross   (07.28.14)
15. Facebooker Costas Litos - never been proven if
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.28.14)
Obama is American. He still cannot prove it with a birth certificate.
16. What an hypocrisy
Yaffa   (07.28.14)
Obama's wife showed her agitation of the kidnaping of the 200 African girls in Nigeria. And at the same time her hasband accepts the ceasefire proposal made by Qatar the finance of Worldwide Islamic terror including the group that comitted the abduction.
17. "insulting" right out of the Islamist Playbook
Chana   (07.28.14)
Oh my goodness - I hope 'American official[s]' are not now going to be making use of those overused Islamist phrases such as the favorite, 'They insulted me', 'I'm insulted',
18. I re-affirm Hussein's right to defend himself.
Jhan   (07.28.14)
But only with proportionality and only between the hours of 9AM and 2PM Mondays through Fridays.
19. Pick up, put down....
ROBERT ,   FARMINGTON,WV   (07.28.14)
Pick up the phone, put down the phone best way in handling Obama.
les ,   canada   (07.28.14)
what's next? is he going to send the marines in to gaza to defend hamas? that poor guy has made one holy mass out of this world. wouldn't the chinese, or even the russians be gladly replace him for the israeli know how and brains. i am not sure if the americans would go that far.
21. Only 37% of americans approve of Obama's foreign policy
Alex   (07.28.14)
NBC/wsj journal poll. “Whether it’s [Vladimir] Putin, Ukraine, the VA hospitals, Bowe Bergdahl, the events have controlled Obama, rather than Obama having controlled the events,” Hart adds. “He may be winning the issues debate, but he’s losing the political debate, because they don’t see him as a leader.”
22. Demand all you want......
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (07.28.14)
Israel does what's good for Israel, not the Obamanation!
23. Obama "demands?"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.28.14)
What's the matter? Did the United States all of a sudden run out of serious issues? How about the imminent dumping of Mexican teenage thugs and gang members (which Obama refers to as "children) in American schools in quiet suburbs? We need to get rid of Obama. Impeachment is the only natural course, if the United States is to survive his second term.
24. Hussein Obama
P. Henry ,   Longmont,co.   (07.28.14)
Wake up "American jJewish community to this Islamic murdering jihad against western civilization.hussein Obama is an enabler,treasonous radical leftist scumbag !
25. This Israeli
israeli ,   israel   (07.28.14)
demands an immediate and unconditional shut up from Obama. You are insulting my intelligence, Mr. Barry Soteh-ro.
26. Obummer is as relevant as a drunken bum
Hussein Obama is as relevant as drunken bum passed out on a Washington gutter, This traitorous piece of human garbage is not only trying to destroy Israel,but also his own country. This ignorant savage has become the laughing stock of the world
28. Obama demands an immediate,
confused   (07.28.14)
unconditional ceasefire in Gaza.......... I presume he called Hamas also and demanded exactly the same thing?
29. Obama, go play in traffic!
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (07.28.14)
30. Obama's demand
Optimist1978 ,   Lodi< New Jersey   (07.28.14)
Obama demands...... What about getting impeached by popular demand, Hussein Obama. And Johnny Kerry returns back to ketchup business.
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