Obama demands an immediate, unconditional ceasefire in Gaza
Yitzhak Benhorin, Attila Somfalvi, Elior Levy
Published: 28.07.14, 00:00
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31. Butt out, Obama
Cloudbuster ,   Columbus, U.S.   (07.28.14)
Butt out, Obama. You're clearly playing for the Palestinian team. Israel would have to be daft to listen to you.
32. Never mind betraying Israel, he betrayed USA first!
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.28.14)
33. easy to call on Netanyahu
jochair ,   kfar saba Israel   (07.28.14)
obama would do better to call on Heniyeh to demand a ceasefire, after all Hamas started the war , not Israelbut then nobody talks to terrorists.
34. Obama's dictate, like the manipulative Kerry's act, is ...
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.28.14)
...nothing short of pushing the oldest. closest and most loyal US ally in the region, i.e. Israel, under the bus. But, not only under any bus; under the bus of Islamism of the worst kind, that of the Hamas; an organization akin to al-Qaeda, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS. Has the Obama administration gone mad? No, since 2009 it has exhibited this ill intent toward the Jews and Israel! Will American Jews be silent....??!!
35. Only one win-win solution to this
Shlomo ,   USA   (07.28.14)
Egypt should take control of Gaza for a limited time say 30-50 years. They should get rid of all the terror groups while protecting the Palestinian people from them. Then the rest of the world should look for ways to improve the economic and living conditions in Gaza and turn it into something that most Palestinians would hate to have destroyed in a war with Israel. Then they will want to live in peace with Israel.
36. Offended by the Truth
Ron ,   Melbourne, Australia   (07.28.14)
Kerry holds a 'peace conference' without Egypt (who is only the border with Gaza and is effected by terrorists affiliated with Hams), Israel which is the main party to the dispute and the Palestinian Authority. The only players invited are Qatar - the sponsor of Hamas and where the Hamas leader is sitting, Turkey who makes anti-semitic statements at every turn and is hostile to Israel. This makes the UNHCR look good by comparison. At least with the UNHCR Israel has a seat at the table. It if waddles like a duck, looks like a duck ,etc ... it is a duck.
37. Obama Supports Arabs/Muslims
Mark ,   Miami US   (07.28.14)
Obama did not demand a ceasefire in Syria, despite thousands of deaths, chemical weapons etc. He even ignored his own 'Red Line'. Obama delays timetables with Iran, who snub their nose at the US, while they continue to refine uranium. Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, even when they destroyed Coptic Catholic churches, and are the parent organization of Hamas, who past US Presidents properly declared them to be a terrorist organization. There is no basis for Obama/Kerry demanding an Israeli ceasefire. Israel is trying to stop Hamas from killing Israeli civilians with their missiles, and destroy the tunnels from with the vermin-terrorists can invade Israel. This is more evidence that Obama sides with the Arabs and Muslims. PS The White House has prevented the US media from showing civilian deaths in their wars with Iraq and Afganistan. Even with Syria, they never showed such intimate, detailed photos of injured and suffering as they do with Gaza. More US political pressure to make Israel look like the bad guy; the US media hardly mentions that Hamas is trying to kill Israeli civilians.
38. Agreement
James ,   USA   (07.28.14)
This is just a bunch of diplomatic juggling as both Obama and Kerry know they screwed up. Obama still supports the Islamics and Kerry is impotent. Next is the US hope that Abass will be the palestinian representative. Isreal will never negotiate with him as they don't believe in him, his tactics and values. In my opinion, Abass did more than anyone to expand the conflict and should be arrested. The US has lost tremendous credibility in the eyes of the Israelis and probably maintain relationships only for the military aid.
39. Obama the gay lame duck pharoah
Dror ,   Haifa,Israel   (07.28.14)
He takes orders from his transgender wife thing.. The guy cannot wait to finish his second term and disappear. He did the job he was trained and groomed for by the power elites. Obama is the greatest deceiver next to the Devil himself.. There will be grave consequences coming very rapidly to the States for having elected the Son of Satan into office... Nasi Gog Rosh Meshech v' Tuval..
40. For how long will Israel have Forbearence -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (07.28.14)
- for this Muslim US Precident ? Arn.Sweden.
41. Mr. Obama: Go to Gaza, tell Hamas that. Maybe they'll listen
42. only people insulting our intelligence are kerry and obama.
ralph   (07.28.14)
stand firm to these idiots. what arrogance by an islamic lover and naive fool.
43. tell obama to take his love elsewhere stand up to this idiot
ralph   (07.28.14)
44. dear Barbara,
Costas Litos ,   Carmi'el, Israel   (07.28.14)
There are many ways to become an american citizen, but there is only one way you can be elected president of the US, and that is to be born in the US. Can I see the birth certificate please? Otherwise why you don't impeach him?
45. "Israel has the right to defend itself"
Alex Ioffe ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.28.14)
Old Russian Soviet-time joke: An ordinary Soviet citizen asks a lawer: - Please, tell me, have I the right... -Yes, you have, interrupts lawer. -But please, listen, have I the right.. -Yes, you have, I've told you -This means I can.. -No, you can't
46. Obama the Cryptoislamist
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON UK   (07.28.14)
Obama is an appeaser of Political Islam in all its forms,note his support of the Moslem brotherhood in Egypt,his siding with Turkey and Qatar,his appeasement of Iran,His tolerance of ISIS and finally his siding with Hamas.I think that this emanates from the belief that appeasement could lead to peace .This is likely to be a dangerous political naivety rooted in his social background rather than to a cold analysis of political reality.
47. no spares no sorties
Steve   (07.28.14)
I hope Israel has a plan B for F-15, F16, and Apache spare parts. This would appear to be her Achilles heel.
48. @1 Actually USSR, and Russia its descendant
Miron ,   USA   (07.28.14)
were the first and only super - power who voted for Israel creation in 1948. And than supported it, most recently, with transfer of Iron Dome technology. A number of Russo - phobes used this fact as main objective to adoption of Iron Dome. Ruben Pedatzur, one of influential policy makers of Israel, was recently assassinated for his failure to stop adoption of the technology. So, while many Westerners dream of being supporters of Israel, USSR and now Russia is being her keeper. And not in a way as "demand this or demand that" but as a dearest most closest ally and friend, frequently saving life of a country that can stand proud for her accomplishment and her path. This is where I have questions to Western people who reject Putin and Russia. Might it be they have competing interests in business and politics. As human reach over our planet gets stronger and more ingenious our world where can have complete privacy and anonymity shrinks. The rejection of Russia and Mr. Putin by Westerners is behavior of tantrum stricken child, immature and, unfortunately, incapable of rational behavior. And while we are at it, let's not be irrational in turn. Mr. Obama is elected president of United States. He does speak for America, if not her people. And so far he has very little reason to believe otherwise. He was elected, by many an American, out of spite to Mr. George W. Bush. Arguably one of the most rational US presidents throughout country history. Lest you are incapable of thinking, if Bush was President of United States today, we would be having normal relationships with Russia. And we would find a way to be more even handed with regards to Hamas terror group vs. Israel in current war. Yeah, perhaps our ( US ) stock market would be in low 11 - thousands, but our health insurance would be more accessible and less regulated. And an average income would be in a totally different ballpark. I am not even talking about job prospects... Our army and NATO allies would be running joint exercises in Afgan, training their army to take over in 2016. Russians would be standing by helping. Malaysia planes would be flying without losses. And the price of an gallon of unleaded would be around 3. Ukrain and Syria and Libya would be peaceful. Perhaps less "West oriented"...
49. I imagine he would demand more shrilly
US citizen ,   Atlanta, US   (07.28.14)
were rockets being flung around his head.
50. #44 - Costas Litos - birth certificate
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.28.14)
Are you talking about mine? Sure I have one - in my drawer - born in Brooklyn Hospital - good enough?
51. Obamas demand for a cease-fire
Mitch Charles ,   Victoria BC Canada   (07.28.14)
...and does he have any idea what he will demand next? Nope....not an idea in his head.
52. Demanding?
Leon   (07.29.14)
I DEMAND to get my two votes back that were cast for Obama. See DEMAND'S don't work, not with children or dogs (or wife's). So President Obama, stop your demands and grow up.
53. Obama demands... the voice of the KGB... RIGHT ???
M.S. ,   mpls america   (07.29.14)
I finally figured out why you Y NET censors never publish MOST of my talk backs and so because the voice of the KGB... Obama... tells you no not to any way I am going to try again and so the voice of the KGB Obama demands... un conditionial cease fire... immediately... total with drawal... naturally you stooges jump whenever the voice of the KGB Obama Bush Carter Clinton Rosevelt Truman Nixon Eisenhower so on and so all the way back to George Washington and so Abraham Lincoln... RIGHT ??? and so you always jump when they tell you to and so the loyal puppet stooge even monkeys of the KGB the American president along with the British prime minister and so the French president and so the Swiss president and so the president of Venuswalla and so they have all the power muscle brains and so the money and so you jump to their tune and so the tune of the KGB and so it is a old story probably even Moses jumped to their tune and so their tune of the KGB... RIGHT ??? and so you are no not fooling this Jew and so you Jews Israelis all work for the KGB any way I just may hope for a miracle twist of time the I go you all go I die you all die and so even you KGB stooges and so thus I may only hope you are all forced to save me time alone and so I just hope there is but One 1 1 1 way and so all I may hope and so... before it is too late... RIGHT ??? No Thank You... you Yellow KGB and so jumping for them stooges... M.S.
54. He's got a lot of nerve.
Victor ,   NM, USA   (07.29.14)
Why doesn't Obama demand an immediate, unconditional ceasefire in Syria? In the meantime, Mr. Obama, our strongest ally, is pushing EU companies to ease sales into Iran. What a hypocrite!
55. For the first time in memory this is a 'Kiddy War'...
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (07.29.14)
US Mexican border is now a 'Kiddy express lane into America.' Gaza uses her young also in this 'sympathy factor public relations regard', no men so, they use their kiddies and wives as targets and as prey. Who knew? All America had to do was to place her Kiddies in Pearl Harbor to prevent WW11? Maybe we should take all our kiddies to the Gaza border and watch them spare American or Jews lives. LOL surrrrrre.
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