After morning of 'return fire only' policy, IDF resumes full military activity in Gaza
Attila Somfalvi, Yoav Zitun
Published: 28.07.14, 23:02
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1. This is NOT normal
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.28.14)
Israel must preempt any attacks by cleaning out all infested areas from Hamas rats, and the UN and US should butt out of Israel and take care of Syria where thousands of innocents are killed daily.
2. Next upgrade for Iron Dome
Talula ,   Israel   (07.28.14)
Search and destroy capabilities - pinpoint location from where a rocket was fired - and blast it.
3. change in strategy
David   (07.28.14)
This is because of Erdogan's friend in the White House.
4. I just knew it!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (07.28.14)
I knew this cowardly, Israeli government would stop before the job was finished! Netanyahu caved-in because Obama told him to. Ol' Bibi has got to go! Yoni is rolling over in his grave! Shame on you, Netanyahu! I feel so sorry for Israel; especially, the families' who lost loved-ones in this war. God bless Israel and His Jerusalem!!! A Christian Zionist
5. The NEW Normality is OVER
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.28.14)
This War Hamas have left a cruel legacy in Gaza Nothing will ever be 'normal' for Hamas in Gaza again A sense of anger turning to fury and sense of betrayal turning to vengeance as death and destruction worsens Gaza has put up with poverty, corruption, violence, wars, death, incitement from Hamas and now this....all because they believed Hamas were there to PROTECT Gaza and give Gazans a better life The truth is that UNLESS Hamas either CHANGE or GO...either Gaza will destroy Hamas or Hamas will destroy Gaza
6. To Number 4.
Sara ,   Haifa   (07.28.14)
All very well for you to say, sitting on your fat american arse! These are our soldiers dying not yours, so piss off and find another cause - perhaps to dethrone your own stupid president
7. Sarah B
jo moor   (07.28.14)
Hi Sarah B....where are you? Are you shocked at whats been happening or keep saying" I told you so"....lets hear from you!
8. Stupid, fearful policy. Israel needs a P.M. like Feiglin.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.28.14)
Had the WW II Allies fought like this; what is left of the world would all speak German. This is a stupid fearful policy. Israel needs a P.M. like Moshe Feiglin.
9. Conflict
Steve Gure ,   Coconut Creek USA   (07.28.14)
The fight has to go on to the finish. Cease fires a re a distraction that Israel can not afford. So far BB has not disintigrated and I hope he continues to lead from strength. I do not completely trust him.
10. Terror Infrastructure
USA   (07.28.14)
The terrorist infrastructure must be severely destroyed, if not destroyed completely. That includes EVERY BUILDING used for storage of weapons, munitions, and every vehicle used in terror transportation. This includes HAMAS and ALL other terror groups in Gaza. When Gaza is fully neutralized and fully demilitarized can this operation stop.
11. Let's tell the truth:we "stick" to not doing anything worth-
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.28.14)
12. # 3 Speaking of which...
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (07.29.14)
What happens if Erdogen does order the Turkish navy to escort the next 'peace flotilla' AKA act of war into Gaza? If he does, watch Oshit head get drunker. He can't side with Turkey and then avoid impeachment. GO ISRAEL GO IDF!!!!
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (07.29.14)
showing Israel's power and then making the world understand that he will use it. If IDF went in full force then more 10,000 would have been killed. He is doing a good job of showing the stick and the carrot. Let's not forget Y'allon either. He is doing his best too. Israel needs to destroy the tunnels slowly and show the world that she is doing it with patience and mercy. It is up to Muslims to come to there senses and stop the war.
14. i know this won't get published.
mark ,   usa   (07.29.14)
I am thinking beyond operation protective edge. First be prepared to catch militant death squads in the act of attempting to inflate civilian deaths in areas IDF ground forces currently are operating in or around after withdrawal. Would not put it past terrorist mentality to kill hundreds of their own and attempt to pin blame on IDF as extrajudical mass murder, or try to inflate causalty roles of civilians just caught up fight, and left in rubble to be found as pallywood gears up. Second, Hezbollah is watching very carefully, Iron Dome is rightly a National Defensive asset, but how would it perform in a rocket launch environment where enemy is is not restricted by density of civilian population against responce to launch sites, has far more accurate and destructive missiles and can volley them at a much greater rate. In other words Iron Dome does have its limits. Lastly, and unfortunately, the resounding deterance to Hamas' future prospects to wage war, and by extension all other islamic terror orgs is the one employed against PLO, make the leadership exiles. Maybe the Saudis could extract this exile through every 10 million in reconstruction funds by requiring one Hamas or one Islamic Jidah political officer or commander to self exile to Saudi house arrest.
15. To: Jo at No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.29.14)
Hi, Jo, thanks for asking. Yes, I'm very much around. I don't use social media -- especially Facebook -- so you don't see my comments much. What do I think of what's going on right now? I think Israel is going to destroy Hamas, root and branch. Tunnels into Israel? That has to stop. Hamas and the other terrorist elements in Gaza have to be stopped. They are war criminals and guilty of crimes against humanity. Iran and Hezbollah have gotten the message, too. Iron Dome has rendered Hezbollah's entire missile stockpile completely useless. Israel is going to go after the Fat Boy next. Good to hear from you, Jo. P.S. I never say "I told you so." No need to gloat; everybody knows what's going on, and where they read it first!
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