Opinion  Nahum Barnea
Tumbling into Gaza, and climbing out again
Nahum Barnea
Published: 29.07.14, 00:46
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1. Attempted Genocide through Terror Tunnels
CJK   (07.29.14)
Hamas is an illegal Islamist terror group. Hamas is listed by the US and the EU as an illegal terror group. Hamas uses terror tunnels that it digs into sovereign Israeli territory with the intention to infiltrate sovereign Israeli to murder and kidnap Israelis. US intelligence knew that these tunnels were being dug and knew all of their locations. Yet Obama did not pass this intelligence to Israel. Hence, the present war is longer and bloodier than it could have been. The Obama administration refuses to help US ally Israel and sides with Islamist terror group Hamas. Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood of which Hamas is a branch. Obama cannot support Israel while supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and its members Turkey and Qatar. Obama cannot negotiate with the terror state of Iran and not demand that it stop its proxy wars against US ally, Israel. Netanyahu cannot fight a war against Hamas when his primary ally, the US, acts as an enemy. Israel is surrounded by murderous, treacherous enemies. Hamas and its terror tunnels must be destroyed regardless of Obama and of world hatred for Israel.
2. IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!
ABE ,   JERUSALEM, ISRAEL   (07.29.14)
3. Mashal amassed a fortune of $2.5 billion.Why should he care?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.29.14)
4. seemed like Intelligent writing right up until the end
the writer is ,   an Idiot   (07.29.14)
5. We must finish the Job.
Rosenvald ,   Yerushalaim   (07.29.14)
Mursi is over. Hamas dont will guet more rockets,because Sissi dont will them guet from Sinai. Siissi hate the hamas scorpions. Israel must destroy the cross border tunnels,and destroy more hamas rockets and kill hamas members. Dont stop now, dont care about Hussein Obama. Israel dont will waste idf blood to have another war in the next 3 years. Finish the job now, dont let hamas have power to start another war. Egipht are whit us for the first time.
6. Israel lost
Ahmad ,   Palestine   (07.29.14)
Israel is killing children while sleeping at night and killing civilians by dropping US made bombs at people but why cant you fight like real men? face to face? Arab resistance is growing in Gaza and Lebanon , the world stand with us and you have lost this round , you will lose again , it is time to leave Palestine.
7. fine article
except for a number of critical mistakes Thanks to the attitude of the Western press, images of dead Palestinian children are not a problem for Mashal, but a gain. He needs more. The reason Hezbollah did not attack Israel after UN 1701 is not fear, but the fact that they are keeping their weapons to attack Israel in response to an Israeli strike on Iran. The Israeli demand for demilitarization of Gaza did not start with Mofaz, but with Rabin, Peres and Beilin: it was a central part of the Oslo Agreement violated by Arafat. Israel did not attempt to separate Judea and Samaria from Gaza, it was the Arabs. After the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif, Abbas was kicked out of Gaza after he refused to accept his electoral loss. Israel had no choice but treat Gaza ruled by Hamas different from Abbas administered territories.
8. Hamas's little helpers: Iran, Syria, North Korea
CJK   (07.29.14)
Many people to the right of me criticize Netanyahu. Many people to the left of me criticize Netanyahu. Maybe Netanyahu has made mistakes. He is human, not divine. However, it must be emphasized that Israel is not fighting only the Islamist terror group Hamas. Israel is also fighting the terror rogue states of Iran, Syria and North Korea which individually and collectively provide Hamas with advanced weapons, training, financing, expertise, engineers. All long range missiles of Hamas were provided by Iran and Syria. Hamas received experts in digging tunnels from North Korea. North Korea had helped Syria build its nuclear reactor which Israel destroyed. Had Israel not done so, Syria today would have nuclear weapons. The so-called international community remains silent on these issues. Indeed, many are supporting terror states in the region for delusional political goals. This is the reality that Netanyahu and his cabinet must deal with every day. This is the reality that is very rarely spoken about when criticizing Netanyahu, be it from the right or from the left.
9. Nahum Barnea - u could write a book with this amt of text
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.29.14)
10. Tumbling into Palestine, getting out again, is real question
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.30.14)
Invasion of Palestine was a mistake, 70 years of war, Jews outnumbered 100 to 1, will not survive as "Jewish State". 3 not mine.
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