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Erdogan returning Jewish American award
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Published: 29.07.14, 16:01
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1. Deputy Prime Minister bulent arinc
Maybe Israel should treat their Interests towards turkey, Like turkey treats the Armenians????
2. What about ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.29.14)
.... the $500,000 honorarium that came with it? Erdogan should return that, too .... with interest.
3. Turks
Leandro ,   Porto Portugal   (07.29.14)
Don't worry too much about what Erdogan says.. he is in the same position of Argentinian generals of the 70's and 80's.. He wants to find na external event which brings him popularity and votes.. (like the argentinian generals with the Malvinas' war)
4. 2
yonatan Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (07.30.14)
He is not that silly.
5. Award, or bribe? To co-opt Turkey to do Israel's bidding.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.30.14)
6. both being childish
zionist forever   (07.30.14)
Erdogan is acting like a spoilt child with hihs comments and gradual radicalization but the American Jewish Congress are also acting like children by demanding the award be returned. You do not give somebody an award and then demand they return it when they do something you don't like. Arafat never deserved his Nobel Prize but even after he started the intifada it would have been childish to demand he return his nobel prize even if he didn't deserve it.
7. We told the AJC in 2004 "Don't do it!"
David Palmer ,   Hartford USA   (07.30.14)
But they were so PC, so dumb as bricks, they went ahead and gave the stealth jihadist their award. You wonder why the AJC is a failed organization and has hardly any members? THAT'S WHY. The clowns that lead the organization think they know better than everyone else. They know nothing. They are useful idiots, nothing more. The next time their mailer shows up in your mailbox begging for a donation, just rip it up and give to one of the other organizations that actually support Israel. Heck, send a donation to the IDF so all soldiers have modern body armor.
8. Osman
Sebastjan ,   Kranj, Slovenia   (07.30.14)
Who will apologize for killing Armenians and Kurds? Do not forget, Turkey was on Nazi side during world war 2...
9. Opinion...
Obviously, the American Jewish Congress did not expected to receive back the award.
10. You are correct Zionist Forever..
but Erdogan was awarded because his charming character & personality, his courage, religious and moralist attributes, and his friendly and strategic connections not just with Israel but also with jews worldwide. I dont know if he deserved the award ten years ago, the point is that he returned the prize when they asked to. That says a lot about Erdogan.
11. @Sebastjan--Turkey was neutral in WW2
Mikhael   (08.01.14)
Many Jews survived the Nazi Holocaust by finding refuge in Turkey. Although it was also never an official Turkish policy to render assistance to European Jews fleeing from the Nazis either, but Jews from Europe who were in Tukrey weren't expelled back to the Nazis generally and Turkish diplomats in Europe also did helped European Jews under the Nazis with distant Turkish family connections to get Turkish papers, which protetced them and allowed them to escape Europe. This is no defense of Erdogan or the country's hypocrisy in its treatment of Armenians or Kurds but Turks were NOT allied with Nazi Germany in WW2. I think you are confusing WW1 with WW2 when the Ottoman Empire was allied with the Kasier's German Empire, which was not yet Nazi.
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