Peres: Give Gaza back to Abbas, end the war
Ilana Curiel
Published: 30.07.14, 12:55
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1. Give Gaza back to Jews. Gaza is part of Israel.
Peres is a meshugene   (07.30.14)
Abbas like Hamas wants Israel thrown into the sea. And to think that this Peres is the President of Israel. What a meshugene.
2. Give Gaza back to Abbas.How?
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (07.30.14)
Before you can give something,you have to possession of it. Is this Peres 'dove' advocating a complete occupation by Israel of the Gaza Strip and elimination of the Hamas leadership? Maybe he's finally seen sense,but if he wants Abbas to gain Gaza,ship in Abbas's thugs to do the job.The IDF isn't Abbas's Foreign Legion. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
3. Talking about Shimon Peres
Dorothea Killus ,   Germany   (07.30.14)
The present situation being a most difficult one for Israel, it is moving to read of Shimon Peres' visit to wounded soldiers. His report and comment are impressing, his conclusions being a separate subject. I am deeply shocked about the talkbacks so far which show utter disrespect for an outstanding politician who dedicated his life for Israel. Can there be blessing upon such contempt? It seems that Shimon Peres receives much more respect from outside Israel than from his own.
4. And Then What?
Jose' ,   gush etzion   (07.30.14)
Two things wrong with Peres' suggestion. Gaza isn't ours to give back. Secondly, the suggested recipient has to be able to receive it.
5. What are WE? - Palestinians and Israelis
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.30.14)
Submissive simple minded hostages to Hamas Evil who started an utterly mad war and are making Gazans and Israelis dance to their tune? Gazans dying Israelis dying For a reason that even Hamas find it impossible to articulate and justify People of Gaza WAKE UP Take YOUR FUTURE into your own hands IT IS UP TO YOU Take to the Gaza streets and scream out HAMAS STOP THE WAR NOW..OR WE WILL
6. Give Peres to Gaza
A ,   Belgium   (07.30.14)
No soldier should shake the hand of this coward who never fought a battle for Israel or wore a uniform, out of self respect and pride.
7. Peres; Give Gaza back to Abbas, end the the war
A.Shafiq Ahmed ,   India   (07.31.14)
Give back Palistine and pack off to ur native place europe
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