Palestinians mull war crime charges against Israel
Published: 31.07.14, 18:52
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1. the UN has to get out of the US
k ,   US   (07.31.14)
the UN is just another anti-semetic organization that is run by the anti-semetic Europeans and the Anti-semetic Islamists, the UN has to be put in Saudi Arabia or in Iran so it can be shown to the world the hypocritic place that it is in the least free countries on the planet
2. Navi Pillay is a TERRORIST herself!
Father Abe   (07.31.14)
3. Let them who have no sin...cast the first stone!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (07.31.14)
Israel, tell the anti-Semitic UN to take a hike!!! Bunch of godless fools!!!
4. Israel vs Gaza
David ,   Israeli   (07.31.14)
Dear UN Point to be noted about the money Israel used to built technology which is used in every corner of the world. Gaza use it to built terror to kill people all over the world Ture example is Sirya still children are dying but no help please be awake
5. Navi Pillay slams Israel
jon ,   uk   (07.31.14)
Navi should be asked what would she do or any other country if you are pelted with stones let alone rockets and the ones who are doing it just carry on just let it carry on doing nothing Navi don't be so naïve don't keep on about Israel you should have told Hamas to stop long time ago but its too late now the tunnels speak for themselves what do you have to say about it let UN vote about the tunnels
6. Just Laugh in their faces!
Eli Bodie ,   USA   (07.31.14)
Tell the UN when they actually get some legitimacy, to call; until then, don't bother us!
Amos ,   Nigeria   (07.31.14)
UN was the first to break International Laws by helping Hamas store Rockets in their class Rooms and also allowing militants to fire rockets from their compound and attacking IDF from their premises. so what human right are they talking about?
8. UN
ebeeman ,   Smithtown   (07.31.14)
The UN is a useless organization dedicated to third world and terrorist nations. It should be DN for divided nations. With ISIS, Ukraine, Syria,Nigeria they settle their concentration on Israel. They are a joke and totally useless. I will never give support to them or any of their institutions.!!!!!
9. Maybe Some U.S.A. Citzens Can Start
a movement That Would Expell The united nothing (un) and have The Faux body DISBANDED, its a FARES anyway, this SUB-human pillay Is A Anti-Semite Plane and Simple!!! May missiles, rockets and mortars Rain Down On her native cuntry!!!
10. Reality-Check: No Israeli Will Face Charges
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (07.31.14)
So everyone calm down. There is so much evidence of Hamas using their civilians as human shields while trying to murder ours (even the UN had to admit it), that once everything is over, nothing will happen. Except that Hamas will have lost big-time.
11. Pillay.
Aryeh ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (07.31.14)
This woman is a dyed in the wool anti semite. If she was a war crimes judge the standard could not have been very high.....
12. UN-War Criminals
Dov ,   Poleg   (07.31.14)
The use of UN schools and clinics as military installations holding rockets and explosives and the use of UN ambulances in terror activities and UN equipment to build the tunnels are all war crimes and as such there is justification to initiate proceedings against the UN itself for aiding an illegal terror organization. The UN is an organisation that aids and undertakes war crimes
13. War crimes
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (07.31.14)
Hello, UN War Crimes, Israel, I think not. The crime is allowing Hamas to use the UNRW institutions to store and fire weapons. The crime is that the UN turns a blind eye to everything other than when defends itself. Sorry Navi but you are just an ignorant person,
14. oh oh what a joke
she forgot to mention they store weapons in their own (UN) schools, they transport Hamas terrorists in their own UN ambulances...they should start by investigating their own warcrimes.
15. Navi Pillay
Joe Charlaff ,   Mevasseret Zion   (07.31.14)
Isnt it generous of Navi Pillay to admit that Hamas also is in violation. She really hates us. When will everyone get it that Hamas is a non state actor and is not bound and doesnt care a hoot about what the United Nations does or says.
16. Useless Nations sides with Islamist illegal terror group
CJK   (07.31.14)
the so-called un has become totally useless, and even more, pernicious.
17. Miss Pillay: convert to Judaism
DvorahTheProphetess ,   SC, USA   (07.31.14)
and live under the yoke of 6,000 years of unmitigated prejudice, discrimination, oppression, and genocide. You wouldn't last 24 hours as a Jewess, for, unlike the beautiful-brave women of the IDF, you are NOT a LIONESS OF JUDAH. Shalom IDF! Shalom Yisrael!
18. 100% of humans in Gaza are civilian
US citizen ,   Atlanta, US   (08.01.14)
Hamas is not a military organization because if they were they would be in barracks and in uniform and dying at the border fighting the Israeli military rather than sitting at home exposing their family and children to collateral damage.
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (08.01.14)
20. Palestinians and the UN want to do war crimes against Israel
Bill ,   Chico   (12.02.16)
I have found it interesting that M. Abbas's delegation to the UN is starting the ICC court only asking the UN to Judge. M. Abbas has stated he has personally killed 11000 Israeli. What has Palestinian done since failing to kill the King of Tran Jordan. If Yasser Arafat , Fatah, and the Palestinian Liberation Organization There would be peace in the West Bank. That came about in 2000 at Camp David, When PM Barak, President Clinton and Yasser Arafat had agreed to Palestine having the 1967 borders less 5% which were holy sites. Arafat said he would do it if Barak added two desalination plants. Barak agreed, The Three leaders were to have a press conferenc when Arafat said NO and proceeded to call and intifada.The UN need to back off. You are not the world government and the Arabs have never been able to stop attacks. They threw away their state three times. Obama, and the UN know this fact, yet they try to hide it.
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