Kerry: 'No promise' Gaza ceasefire can be reached
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Published: 31.07.14, 19:08
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1. No ceasefire until...
USA   (07.31.14)
No ceasefire until: 1. All the HAMAS leadership are sent to their paradise. 2. All tunnels destroyed. 3. All weaponry in Gaza located, piled up in heaps and run over by tanks, all explosive ordnance blown up.
2. Mike White on Facebook
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.31.14)
The ersatz Palestinians don't recognize Israel's right to exist. They were offered a state and refused. They are a bunch of losers. Kind of like you Mike.
3. Well, one thing that he and Hilary had in common
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (07.31.14)
You can't accuse either of them of getting anything substantive done other than running for future President no one wants. Bless Israel !!! VICTORY!
4. kerry is a useless publicity hound
bernard ross   (08.01.14)
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