IDF releases names of 2 soldiers killed in Gaza
Ynet reporters
Published: 01.08.14, 17:48
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1. my heart is broken
jew ,   europe   (08.01.14)
may G-d revenge their blood ! Baruch dayan Haemet.
2. Bibi, just kill all Hamas, IJ, ISIS
C   (08.01.14)
stop listening to the jew hating Obama.
3. Israel's quick kidnap response system for soldiers and civis
When will Israel develop an alarm and tracker system that high risk individuals can set of even if grabbed and restrained that alerts the authority to quick response.
4. Tragic loss -leftists take note
Jonathan ,   New Zealand   (08.01.14)
A sad day for the IDF and Israel. Our thoughts are with the families of these brave men. Let's hope as well that the leftie peaceniks and Obummer supporters finally realise that peace with these extremists is a naive dream. Stay strong Israel.
5. Thankyou brave soldiers of Hashem
Hila ,   Australia   (08.02.14)
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