Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
For Israel, the rules in Gaza have now changed
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 02.08.14, 00:08
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1. Thank you Ron.
DOV ,   USA   (08.02.14)
2. This article should be plblicised globally
Dov ,   USA   (08.02.14)
Articles like this give me hope that intelligence emotion and love for Israel will win the day.כל הכבוד My heart goes out to all who are fighting this tragic war.
3. Israel must prepare better
CJK   (08.02.14)
i am loath to criticize the leadership, however, some mistakes have been made. soldiers should not be in staging areas that are too close to the border and therefore susceptible to mortar fires. soldiers should be warned against trusting anyone in idf uniforms whose identity cannot be confirmed. this is difficult in the heat of battle but not impossible.
4. Missing Soldier
Robert ,   Alexandria   (08.02.14)
The battle Lull is only known to soldiers who have experienced close combat. I ask who proves that he is in the hands of Hamas? Why not to search still the tunnel where he was seen last? Search dirt which is loose and easy to bury his body. I have a feeling that he is dead and was buried in the tunnel which he was preparing to destroy. I hope some one can find his body in the tunnel.
5. subcutaneous GPS
Every soldier should have a subcutaneous GPS, and every citizen in Israel could use the same if they wish.
6. Figure it out
James   (08.02.14)
Israel solider IN GAZA, conducting an operation, after the ceasefire started. When has Israel honored any rules. Read the Kol Bridges
7. Fourth and best option
What brought Arafat to the table in 1992? Not fear of death, but the fear of Jewish life. Netanyahu could announce building of Jewish homes, or declare Israeli sovereignty on parts of Judea and Samaria, as a response to Hamas aggression. Such simple moves would end Hamas' popularity and turn Israel's current defeat into a major success.
8. A fourth option
Amin ,   Ramallah, Palestine   (08.02.14)
I would like to remind you with a more practical option:- End occupation and comply with international legitimacy
9. Israeli conducting operations in the Gaza strip
James USA   (08.02.14)
destroying Hama's assets, but it is the Palestinian that violded the cease fire. When a IDF jets fires missiles at kids on a swing is a defensive act. There must be a secret international: jews can not be captured.
10. I don't understand what he is implying
steve ,   sf   (08.02.14)
If he saying that the entire war outcome hinges around this single abducted soldier? Is he saying there is no overall strategic aim to this war?
11. please stop kill children and women please
Zaina Shehab ,   Kuwait   (08.02.14)
there are one main rule every time any where human rights safe in wars i think this is the main rule Israel state must keep and act it beleave me your soldiers who captuered yesterday and others presoners you will bring them back to Israel by negotiations with Palistaine govermant state in neer term future maby soon
12. I see that Israel is doing its best
to have the kidnapped soldier killed. If not by the terrorists themselves then at least by Israeli bombardment.
13. Much ado about one person
when hundreds are being killed. Psychopathic logic.
14. If I were a kidnapped Israeli soldier
I would be more worried about Israel than Hamas because Israel would rather have me dead than alive.
15. one solution: go all out to capture/ kill Hamas leadership
Rafi ,   US   (08.02.14)
16. #8 great idea for peace
except be clear about what you mean. If by "end of occupation" you mean 1948 borders, a Jewish state on one side and an Arab state on the other, it won't work: both Fatah and Hamas have rejected it. If by "end occupation" you mean what Fatah and Hamas have said which is "get rid of Israel and kill all the Jews", we'd rather have a war and see who wins, no?
17. Ron Ben Yiosahi
Jacob Brauner ,   London   (08.03.14)
Are you seriously suggesting that the whole course of the war should be dictated by the wish to rescue one prisoner. That is self defeating strategy. if ever there was one.
18. Bottom line: We need badly a strong leader.
Vardina   (08.04.14)
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