IDF declares missing IDF officer Hadar Goldin dead
Shahar Hay
Published: 03.08.14, 01:56
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1. Baruch Dayan Emet
CJK   (08.03.14)
the nation has lost another one of her sons, a beautiful boy, a courageous boy. his amazing family will suffer the loss but they must know that they are not alone in their grief for their precious son.
2. Another Israeli murdered by Obama.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (08.03.14)
3. To all those playing the "children" card
Hila ,   Australia   (08.03.14)
Think - Australia at this moment has thousand of child refugees from Muslim countries locked up in detention centres as bad as any Gaza neighbourhood. They are going to send them to Papua New Guinea the where rape, murder are happening every few minutes. Where they will never be allowed to own land or get government support. Stuck on an island of hell where criminal rebels terrorise women by shoving burning bottles inside them. You think Israel is hurting Muslim children. Why don't you have something to say about Australia??
4. Death of Lt Goldin
Sven Olsen ,   Kristianstad, Sweden   (08.03.14)
My sincere condolances to the family and friends of Hadar Goldin, and to all of the Israeli People, who lost a son of the nation! Even though I am not a Jew, please accept my prayers for those Israelis who lost their lives, for the Israeli Nation, and for a peace soon to be obtained by eliminating the vermin Hamas.
5. another IDF lie exposed
Gerry Shuller ,   Los Angeles USA   (08.03.14)
Surprise, surprise!
6. A hero for Jewish people. May his memory be blessed.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.03.14)
7. Gary Morino-Facebook
Benji ,   US   (08.03.14)
Hamas was proud to take credit for the assassination of the three teens. One terrorist accomplice is in custody. Two murderers are hiding from the IDF but Israel knows who they are and will find them. Hamas is also proud to have started this conflict, to use child slaves to build the tunnels and human shields as propaganda tools. Hamas is responsible for the death of Palestinians and Israelis. They have blood on their hands. In your case, you need not play dumb.
8. RIP. He went there to kill people...
PersianCAT   (08.03.14)
and got wasted. What better outcome than that?!
9. The failure to kill Arabs continues
Beno   (08.03.14)
No one knows what the "mission" is but it seems to have something to do with empty buildings and empty tunnels again.
10. dead of our solder
Md Rafiq ,   israel   (08.03.14)
I am very sad for dead of our solderl,but I belived it is a panushment by god because we kill Gaza general people unnessasary
11. look like isis evil........
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (08.03.14)
look like they are part of isis too! The rule had change indeed! May God give Israel wisdom in war.
12. Jews and crimes
Bojan   (08.03.14)
What Jews are doing to Palestinians is what Jews did on ancient Canaanites and genocided them with slight difference that there was no press and pictures back then, also history books won't mention it so people don't know. What Jews are doing to Palestinians is what Jews did to Romans and Greeks in Cyrene and Cyprus 2000 or so, years ago. Again, history books won't mention the fact that Jews murdered HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Romans and Greeks in those areas yet history books call it mere "Jewish uprising" which sounds so innocent. Go figure
13. Gary marino
stuart ,   Los angeles   (08.03.14)
Hey marino...good looking hope you have a will..b.t.w. your brain is ready at lab. Pick it up ok baby. ?
jhonyyyy ,   ddd   (08.03.14)
15. 14 If hamas had put the same energy
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.03.14)
in building Gaza as to destroy Israel,Gaza might have been the Hong Kong of the Middle East. What did hamas win,tell me?
16. Capture Top Hamas Men without delay
Roland ,   london England   (08.03.14)
17. If He Wasn't Dead When Captured ...
World Citizen ,   the world   (08.03.14)
Then Netanyahu Made Sure He Was Dead Before He Pulled The Israeli Military Out. The one thing he couldn't afford was another Gilad Shalit. I don't there will ever be another captured Israeli soldier. They will be abandoned to keep from having to exchange prisoners again. No soldier in any army should have to face that sad reality.
18. Hadar Goldin was killed by IDF
Yossi normal Israeli   (08.04.14)
Hadar Goldin was killed by Israeli army with massive carpet bombing to avoid anther Gilad Shalit.. They used the "Hannibal Procedure" which means kill all the people around and the soldier to avoid second Gilad Shalit
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