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Australian newspaper apologizes for 'anti-Semitic' cartoon
Published: 05.08.14, 00:25
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1. WHAT???? - not the usual taken out of context defense? ?
Ron ,   Melbourne, Australia   (08.05.14)
It pretty obvious to realize what the cartoon is - it was nog a lapse of judgment.
2. they are all hatefilled jew haters
CJK   (08.05.14)
they are afraid of being sued. but they are by no means sorry. what they did was done on purpose.
3. What's the big deal? Turn the volume to the max, stupid!
Miron ,   USA   (08.05.14)
Do I give rat's ass who prints what cartoon. Blow rocketeers out of the sandbox. Let 'em carteen whatever...
4. World in MegaMess in Part Evian Conference
Zechariah   (08.05.14)
In 1938 Nations met to discuss taking in Jews from Nazi threatened Europe .Australias Representative : 'As we have no Ratial Problem we are not desirous of importing one'.Ten years later after The Empire of Japan Wreaked Havoc and neared Australia the Mantra became Populate or Perish .But in Reality the USA saved Underpopulated Australia .Millions of refugees have arrived since 1948 .In the end Australia Seven Billion Seven Hundred Thousand Square Kilometres had some Compassion and took in seven thousand Jews .Seventy Thousand applied that was before WW2 The Local Jews had to choose the Ten percent most desperate cases.
5. "Apology" ? Prosecution is future deterrent !
Roland ,   london England   (08.05.14)
It is easy to commit sensitivities and say sorry afterwards,and thus get away with it with no penalty to fear.Without a deterrent, acts like this will be perpetrated again and again.
6. To: Facebook Ghasan F Awad
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.05.14)
My very next email is going to be to the Chancellor of the University of Tennessee. Replete with attachments. Pack your trash, sluggo. You won't be at the University of Tennessee very much longer. You crossed the bounds of freedom of expression smack dab into hate speech. You can be prosecuted for hate speech. And I don't think the good people of Tennessee care much for Arabs and their hatred, you know? Perhaps you can transfer to the University of Gaza. What's left of it, at any rate, what with it being a casualty of war, being used to store missiles and mortars. But the University of Tennessee? Doubtful.
7. It wont happen again...
Sorry, im so sorry   (08.05.14)
Its like an abusive husband ... after beating the wife bloody he comes back and apologizes for doing it again and again and again... They knew what they wanted to portray, they're just apologizing in order to shut up the lambs... Those that sit idle again and again have invited the effects of the crime done unto them. Justice and respect comes to those who demand and act for it.
8. Glen Le Lievre is the man who did it
k ,   US   (08.05.14)
I am hoping he has some nice retribution one of these days, not only for these anti-semetic cartoons but these propaganda which is used to incite the enemies of the Jews, he is as much an enemy of the Jews and the Israelis as the Islamic terrorists the Israelis are forced to kill
9. New cowards
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (08.05.14)
They apologize after they make their sick antisemitic garbage. BE A MAN YOU JERK do not hide behind your false apologies. COWARDS!!!!!! you are worthless
10. Ben Alofs Facebook
Benji ,   US   (08.05.14)
Theatre of the absurd is what you describe. A response to 3000 missiles by Israel is not a massacre. If you weren't such as pro-terror apologist you would agree. Spend a day in Sderot with Israeli children in bomb shelters or rehab units that treat victims of terror to educate yourself to the pain and suffering caused by Palestinian terror. You have to wonder about the judgment of the Sydney Morning Herald's editor for allowing the piece of anti-Semitic garbage to be published. Is this publication run by neo-Nazis or Islamo-fascists?
11. It's actually a very good cartoon
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (08.05.14)
Very accurate and true. Deal with it
12. 100 Percent True
I saw the photos ,   USA guy   (08.05.14)
Nothing antiSemitic about it.
13. Shut the paper down and bar them from the media.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (08.05.14)
14. The damage was made anyway.
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