IN PICTURES: Thousands rally around the world to support Israel
Published: 04.08.14, 22:58
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1. Thousands rally around the world to support Israel
...but not in Germany. I wonder why.
2. #1 Ausländer
Albrecht ,   EU   (08.05.14)
Because the Germans have realised what it is like to lock up people in a ghetto and humiliate them.
3. Wrong count for SF pro-Israel rally
Marshall E. Schwartz ,   Oakland CA, USA   (08.05.14)
The local reporter was WAY off on the number of people at Sunday's pro-Israel rally in SF's Civic Center Plaza. There were more than 2000 of us, The 700 figure she cited was the number of people who marched down Market Street after the rally. She just ignored the entire event until it marched one block from her office.
4. #2 And you're still trying
Benji ,   US   (08.05.14)
3000 missiles plus billions spent for deluxe, now defunct terror tunnels. They create their own caged lifestyle. Since you're so concerned, please invite more Palestinians to live in Germany. Arab/Muslim countries don't want them but you can welcome them with a red carpet. End of problem.
5. Large Johannesburg demonstration
Ruth ,   Ramat Efal, Israel   (08.05.14)
Around 12,000 S. Africans of all races, Jews and non-Jews, attended a rally in Johannesburg in support of Israel.
6. @ # 2 in Albrecht
Auslander IN GERMANY ,   Munich   (08.06.14)
The Germs have realized nothing. Case in point: recent anti-Semitic hatred disguised as anti-Israel eruption by right wing, 4th-Reich-neo-nazis shouting: “Jude, Jude feiges Schwein! Komm heraus und kämpf allein!” Translation: “Jew, Jew, cowardly swine, come out and fight on your own!” The jews learned how to fight. The Germs never forgot how to dehumanize Jews and Israel. It is genetic, I guess. Remember Dresden. Hamburg and Munich.
7. @Auslander IN
H0wAb0ut ,   US   (08.11.14)
Correction - Nazis are LEFT wing. National Socialists = NAZI. Socialists = LEFT
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