IDF Operation Protective Edge, in numbers
Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.08.14, 23:41
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1. the essential: over 1000 dead terrorists
CJK   (08.06.14)
hamas and Islamic jhad have lost at least 5% of their terrorists, and probably more. their infrastructure is hugely degraded.
2. should the UN be put on trilal?
charles   (08.06.14)
1. handing over deadly misslis found in schools to hamas or other militants. 2. failure to secure shelter for innocent citizens used as human shields by the militants in gaza. 3. aiding & abetting the militants of ceasfire lines ^ idf fortifications. 4. withhoding medicaql care to innocent children 5.failure to evacuate citens by giving the militant soldiers cover during the july 2014 operation.
3. Failure
Beno   (08.06.14)
Israel fails again - the failure to will continues.
4. With all this destruction, Hamas
Philip Barnett ,   London , UK   (08.06.14)
is claiming victory over Israel. Let's wish this kind of victory to all enemies of Israel.
5. replace spanish, british military purchases.
ralph   (08.06.14)
6. Help the Israeli economy
American Hindu ,   USA   (08.06.14)
Israel is standing up to the Jihadis. All the world is facing this threat. Israel's economy has no doubt taken a hit. Lets all purchase at least one Israeli product a week. I purchase Israeli cookies from the Kosher isle of the store, and purchase Israeli wines when I can.
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