Jimmy Carter calls on US, EU to recognize Hamas
Published: 06.08.14, 08:52
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1. Jimmy Carter
Patrick ,   Nouméa, new Caledoni   (08.06.14)
Please forgive him. He is senile!!!
2. A has been! Just disappear please!
Son of Cyrus ,   uk   (08.06.14)
3. Bravo Mr Carter
Chutia ,   New Delhi, India   (08.06.14)
You have spoken the truth and not what Israel would want everyone to say and believe. Just don't back out now or start apologizing. It won't be long before you are branded an anti-semite by our Jewish friends who will once again try to play the victim card!
4. Carter
freddy hollander ,   amsterdam, Holland   (08.06.14)
And while we are at it why not recognize and even support Al Quaida and Boko Haram, Hezbolla as well. Otherwise this senile anti semite will bore us every 5 minutes. The worst president of the US after Obama has the biggest mouth.
5. Carter is a joke
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (08.06.14)
6. Jimmy Carter you are a scoundrel for remarking that we made
miri ,   israel   (08.06.14)
"deliberate attacks on civilians" !! This because the opposite is quite true. Had we been intent on killing civilians, we would have flattened Gaza.
7. Jimmy Carter - and his utopia
Michael ,   Tel Aviv - Texas   (08.06.14)
Ex president Jimmy Carter is a long time pro-arab proponent. It surprises me anew each time considering what he went through with Islamic terrorists holding American citizens in Iran as President. The Hamas is a terrorist organization with social service arm in which to feed the military arm. His own people are afraid of them. No need to recognize them except for what they are - terrorists - internal and external
8. Civilian deaths
Joe Justice ,   Jerusalem   (08.06.14)
"There is no humane or legal justification for the way the Israeli Defense Forces are conducting this war. Israeli bombs, missiles, and artillery have pulverized large parts of Gaza, including thousands of homes, schools, and hospitals. Right. But when, yesterday, when a British Typhoon fighter jet accompanied a Qatari commercial airliner to its landing in Manchester because of a bomb threat on board the plane THE ENTIRE WORLD is SILENT. Do you think there would have been hesitation by the british government to down that airliner with 250 innocent civilians on board if it was headed to Canary Wharf or the british defense ministry. Somehow, were that to happen all the left wingers and human rights activists would have been all silent. However, when jews want to take similar actions, they all pop-up and yell unfair. What hypocrisy, what shame, what skewed moral values. Jimmy, go back to the farm
9. This man is many things but a
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.06.14)
Christian he is NOT.
10. A retired former President should retire gracefully
Samuel ,   Israel   (08.06.14)
Its high time Carter should stop giving his advise. He is too old now to grasp the real truth. He was one of the worst President US ever had.
11. and why not?
DANIELA ,   panama   (08.06.14)
Recognize Hezbollah,Isis, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram too Mr. Carter? If you well remember that same population of Gaza was dancing in the streets on September 11, and will do so every time one of those islamist will do a terror attack against the US. You are so shortsighted by your antisemitism that you became a shame of a president. Go grow peanuts
12. Eating too many peanuts clogs your brain and heart.
George   (08.06.14)
And to imagine that this guy was once the president of the US... In the US apparently they go from bad to worse. Who will the US liberals chose for their next president? Al Sharpton? Navi Pillay? Catherine Ashton?
13. how can a president be so
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (08.06.14)
It is difficult to believe that a president of a great nation such as America can make such obviously stupid statements, but Jimmy Carter has a long history of favoritism towards the Arabs. Still, you would think he would analyze the news, look into it and then, if need be, make a statement. But today, being a politician, especially in certain countries is no longer dependent on having keen vision and intellectual sharpness, it is rather dependent on convincing people that what they FEEL is true and not what is TRUE is correct..
14. Jimmy Carter
c ,   Israel   (08.06.14)
Jimmy should stick to growing peanuts.
15. Jimmy who?
Dan   (08.06.14)
16. This is what you get when you vote for the Democrats
Ron ,   Melbourne, Australia   (08.06.14)
17. carter's comment
ric ,   johnson   (08.06.14)
During Prez C presidency, Angola Nicuaragua Iran all fell during his watch. The only bright spot was the camp david accord.... although too young at the time ... the liberal playbook( socialist) was a cut from the same speech book Prez O uses... its amazing how from 2 different era they can drum up the same stuff. He is a christian no doubt, for some reason he can't find biblical wisdom and apply its truth in his wordly ways.
18. Jimmy Carter
Roger Weinreb ,   Wellesley, MA   (08.06.14)
Jimmy Carter has NEVER been a friend of Israel. In fact just the opposite is true. He slanders from afar and denies free speech access to his assertions. His positions are intellectually indefensible. Never does he consider the "war crimes" of teaching toddlers to use weapons and hate Jews. Thus more generations of Hamas hate is assured.
19. Jimmy Carter
Corinne LevyOvermars ,   Purmerend Holland   (08.06.14)
20. You're out of it sir, so keep out of it
Veronique ,   Israel   (08.06.14)
Did you recognize Viet Cong as a political entity?
21. So what does he want...1600
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.06.14)
Israeli's to walk into a firing squad in Gaza,,,,to even things up? They started a war...and got their people killed from the action. Maybe they ought to think of the consequences, before raining rockets on innocent civilians in Israel. Carter is a has been community organizer... just like his student Obama.
22. Sorry Jimmy Carter
David ,   Israel   (08.06.14)
that we are not dying and the casualties are far less.... maybe if Hamas had used their cement to create shelters for their people or on better infrastructure for their advancement instead of tunnels to kill our families in their homes they would be in a better situation!!
23. Carter
Ari ,   Israel/Atlanta   (08.06.14)
In the race for worst President since Polk, this puts Carter slightly ahead of Obama.
24. Jimmy Carter
Chaim Werdyger ,   Lawrence   (08.06.14)
Jimmy Carter should retire in Gaza and live under Hamas regime. Perhaps then he can vote to legitimize Hamas
25. US and EU do recognize Hamas - as blood thirsty terrorists
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NYC   (08.06.14)
Jimmy failed to understand Iran in the '70s and has failed to understand the Arab Middle East ever since. All of his efforts to redeem himself for the Iran Embassy fiasco can not be done if he presumes to believe that a group with its only reason to exist is the 100% eradication of the Jews can be negotiated with for a peaceful resolution.
26. bought and paid for
tom ,   toronto, canada   (08.06.14)
'nuff said.
27. Jimmy is Peanuts
RayJay ,   Boston   (08.06.14)
Here is the simple explanation Jimmy: Israel uses missiles to protect its people. Hamas uses people to protect its missiles.
28. Next he will ask the world to recognize Hezbollah and Islam
Adi ,   Israel   (08.06.14)
Next he will ask the world to recognize Hezbollah and Islam Jihad
29. Next he will say Hamas rockets were filled with raindrops
Adi ,   Israel   (08.06.14)
Next he will say Hamas rockets were filled with raindrops
30. Yes Hamas and Alqaeda too he is sick
natan ,   israel   (08.06.14)
Mr penaut looks very fresh.
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