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Italy expels imam over anti-Semitic comments
Published: 09.08.14, 00:06
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1. Remember the story of Balam's ass, well the king of the
Moshe ,   Usa   (08.09.14)
local tribe just east of the Jordan river was also killed, he & many of his tribe, when the king wished the Jews to be killed by H-Shem. "He who curses the Children of Israel, he himself shall be cursed".
2. Expelled to WHERE???
YO YNet   (08.09.14)
Isn't that an important part of the story?
3. Italy - thank you for this courageous act.
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (08.09.14)
4. #2 isn;t it obvious?
Vlad   (08.10.14)
His home country, Morocco. When a country deports foreign citizens living there, they tend to send them back to the country of their citizenship.
5. Bravo Italy- May G-d Bless U & Keep U!
Dina   (08.10.14)
6. Expelled to where? And "Israel's Bombardment"?
Mamamar ,   NJ   (08.11.14)
Where did they send the Imam? And what is with the last line of the story? Following Israel's conflict blah, blah, blah? The last sentence should be "Following Hamas' continuing bombardment of Israel and Israel's efforts to defend its citizens."
7. good job Italy... rid yourself of the hate-filled vermin
Rafi ,   US   (08.11.14)
8. Italy, well done, keep fighting hate
CJK   (08.12.14)
keep fighting these degenerate haters of islam. you fought the nazis, and now it is time to fight the islamists.
9. It IS too late for Europe. Really.
Sifter ,   USA   (09.06.14)
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