UN, US condemn renewed rocket fire at Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 08.08.14, 21:31
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1. IF hamas wiped Israel out US/UN/EU would only express regret
Alan ,   SA   (08.08.14)
Thats about all they would move themselves to do.... express "regret"
2. they are disappointed in their little savage pet
CJK   (08.08.14)
they have obviously forgotten that their little savage pet is a designated terror organization. only fools would think that a terror organization would stop doing what it does as a profession, namely, terrorise civilians wherever they might be.
3. Joseph Fox - Facebook
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (08.08.14)
Yes Hamas is succeeding extraordinarily well. 1800 + already dead. Infrasructure non existent. Airport and sea port in the making. You'll be dead and not see it. Go Hamas Go
4. #2 they want to help
Obama's plan was to save Hamas and let it rebuild its forces for the next round. He expected Hamas to accept any agreement and trust him that he would save them, and instead they keep shooting. He doesn't realize that most Arabs who live under PLO and Hamas rule hate PLO and Hamas and like Israel. It is only the Left and Arab leaders who want to eliminate the Jews.
5. Joseph Fox and BDS
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (08.09.14)
Very little evidence that BDS is a success. Compared to the Sanctions movement against SA in the past, BDS is a pathetic failure. Some have confused purely commercial decisions with BDS success. SODASTREAM closes a store in Brighton. BDS celebrates. The reality is that a product like this could never succeed in a low income town centre like Brighton. Wealthy shoppers in this area go to London, not Chavy Brighton. John Lewis the middles classes favourite shop stops selling Sodastream.. Again who nowadays shops for these products in a store, when it's so much easier on line. Worst of all for BDS is that it's promoters, Galloway, The dying Churches with their sex abuse scandals and the increasingly irrelevant Trade Unions are the worst in relation to engaging with a wider public. Poor Israeli PR and actions recently in Gaza may be a cause for concern amongst a normally indifferent public, but BDS has failed to ignite public interest or mass support.
6. 2 In total agreement that Israeli are terrorists
lydia ,   Brisbane   (08.09.14)
Israel occupation of Palestinian territory is illegal and Hamas the legitimate Govt. is determined to end it. Israel must pay reconstruction cost for a war they started on the pretext that Hamas had killed the 3 Israeli teenagers. Israelis are pathological liars and no one trust them.
7. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (08.09.14)
Every single human likes to live free and so is Hamas. UN and US never mentioned anything about the blockade which is a kind of occupation.
8. Joseph Fox
MICHAEL ,   MA USA   (08.09.14)
Hey Joe ...get real.....
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