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New procedure allows parents to bury stillborn babies
Itzchak Tessler
Published: 10.08.14, 23:11
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1. Oh, oh, what oh what is Michael J. Fox going to do for his
Rivkah   (08.11.14)
Parkinson's Disease without dead baby body parts to inject into him? Oh, I see, aborted fetuses will do, about twenty for each of his treatments. Ycch.
2. burial of stillborn babies
Joe Charlaff ,   Mevasseret Zion   (08.11.14)
That up until now parents could not participate in the burial of a stillborn child is the sickest and most archaic thing I have ever heard. Whether a child is born alive or dead should not make the slightest difference. Its their child and parents have a right to bury their child wherever they want. My wife had a stillborn child and the nurse just put it into a garbage bag and disposed of it. That was so heartless! At long last authorities have come into the 21st century
3. shocked and stunned
shocked ,   israel   (08.13.14)
i am shocked and stunned by what i just read, heartless and totally unacceptable . shocking
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