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Why isn't Facebook removing hate pages?
Published: 10.08.14, 20:15
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1. go after the adverts..don't buy from them
that's right. those hate pages just like everything else on Facebook have adverts attached to them. Complain directly to those companies tell them if they want us to buy their products they must do something about those hate pages their adverts appear on...and lo! we'll see how quickly those hate pages will disappear.
2. As long a first person of a state is not offended
Miron ,   USA   (08.11.14)
it's very difficult to nail someone for hate speech in US. Short of murder case that can tie in internet company... but even than they would do anything in their power to put a lid on the story. US much less democratic a country than some may want to believe. It's main resources are heavily concentrated on gratifying the ruler at the moment, than focusing criticism on ruler and spreading enlightenment on masses. It's a nature of any tyranny and blaming Facebook for living by rules of own country is like blaming salad tomato for not being some other vegetable. It also has to be noted that Facebook is one of the most draconian collector of personal information. If they could collect fingerprints, they would. They sure do have a strong suit. They work on cutting edge technologies, research. Fact is, when tone of clever people work very hard, it rarely comes out without something interesting and worthy ;)
3. Google+ also
Ezra ,   USA   (08.10.14)
The same reporting hate speech goes for Google +, where most of the Mohammad's dump their hate speech loads in rooms like #gazaunderattack, ...etc.
4. They ONLY delete hate pages when it is anti-arab,anti-muslim
The Truth.   (08.11.14)
5. Ynet should talk....
ggg ,   Tel Aviv   (08.10.14)
Send comments like this and they are checked for content. They opened up to Facebook linked comments and it's free for all, Many disgusting comments from the Jew haters, but as many foul-mouthed, threatening language from the extreme right Jews. Change to a system like Disqus with a moderator. The report system of Facebook's doesn't really work as it can take months of reporting before action is taken. It is not censorship to moderate - all other news sites do it to filter out the really appalling stuff - young kids read your site too. Use some common sense!
6. "We get too soon old, and too late smart"
DvorahTheProphetessa ,   SC, USA   (08.10.14)
This wise adage applies to NUDNIK-BOYCHICK Zuckerberg, whose Wiki-bio states that after "his Bar-Mitzvah [a mere 17 years ago] he became an atheist" – whose been hailed as "one of the most Influential JEWS in the world." You're a bright kid, Mark – a 30 year-old boychick – but a few more decades of L.I.F.E. will rub off your mask of self-deception: to the Arabs, you're just another JEWBOY whose head would make a fine trophy mounted upon a spike.
7. I will not report it, because
every time i hear the typical bullcrap of 'anti zionism isn't antisemitism' I'm glad there are these groups that i can link people to to show the true face of the so called 'anti zionists'.
8. Hate allowed, but Pre-Occupied Territory is shut down?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (08.11.14)
Sites promoting hatred of Jews or Israel are tolerated, but a satiric site - Pre-Occupied Territory - poking fun at Israel's enemies and their lies and conspiracy theories was shut down as of this morning.
9. why don't they remove hate pages?
tiki ,   belgium   (08.12.14)
Because it brings in the money. The more people use it, even more people will use it to react = advertising = money!
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