Hamas responsible for civilian casualties, says Hillary Clinton
Published: 11.08.14, 01:28
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1. she is waking up, maybe
CJK   (08.11.14)
she made a huge mistake when she joined the islamist obama regime. she made a huge mistake when she agreed with that regime's policy to support the totalitarian islamist terror muslim brotherhood.
2. That's what she says while she eyes the President's chair
Sam ,   PT   (08.11.14)
as soon as she gets it (G-d forbid) she'll sing the same tune as other liberal nutcases and falsely, unabashedly condemn Israel for the deaths of some Gaza children who were put in harms way by their own parents.
3. I have Obamas playbook.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.11.14)
I'll say anything to be elected president. Just another warning sticker on your cigarette package. Pandering 101.
4. #1 why
Obama promised her that he would support her for President in 2016. Ever since Obama told her that he lied and he would never support her, she's been trying to distance herself from him.
5. CJK #1
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (08.11.14)
She wants Jewish votes. The same people who were dumb enough to vote for Obama.
6. I remember Hillary saying
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (08.11.14)
"We demand Israel end all settlement activities" just as did obama and kerry. I seriously doubt any democrat has a chinaman's chance of winning the 2016 election. KEEP BUILDING !!!
7. #6
Democrats are classic Leftists: they buy votes. For example, they keep blacks poor, encourage single-parent families and give outrageous student loans that can never be paid back. These demographics will always vote Left because they need the goodies that Democrats steal from working people. Obama has even taken this one step further: he has stopped all US border controls from South America so he will be able to flood America with Democrat voters.
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