Head of UN Gaza inquiry commission called to try Netanyahu at ICC
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 12.08.14, 09:49
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1. Schabas
Schabas says he is objective despite facts to the contrary. I say let him investigate, but under one condition. He must first investigate Obama and Cameron for the illegal attack and war crimes they committed during the Rape of Libya. Once his conclusions are made, he can investigate Netanyahu by the same standard.
2. This mans face. His words. I do not see 1% of rational educa
Adi ,   Israel   (08.12.14)
This mans face. His words. I do not see 1% of rational educated ability to look analyze and come to a conclusion. Israel was attacked with missiles and defended. Clear and simple. This man is distorted. Next he will say that Hamas and Isis are freedom fighters.
3. war crimes
john ,   toronto   (08.12.14)
This sort of crimes have been committed many times, by both sides. Between these two states , any crimes committed can only be done by the justice of the land specially if it is war. Outside agencies should not take charge of it. There are prisons and justice system in the land.
4. How can one even think this bibliography
Adam   (08.12.14)
professor being objective? From the very start, one should distance oneself from such a stereotyped and dubious individuals. His words and deeds speak tons against him. I would not employ him even in a street committee let alone in a human rights committee. His anti-Semitism may by all means gnaw at him, consume him until it eats him up, but it still does not give him the right to speak on behalf of the United Nations. Or, is today's UN a new place of selection of the Jews for slaughtering? Who the hell gives you white collar thugs this right? Get it in your thick skulls that Israel will continue to fight for her survival with or without your acceptance. In the process, lethal terrorists like Hamas will be broken and shattered. Meantime, you know so well that the death of innocent Gazans is entirely on Hamas's shoulders. But they don't give a hoot and you try to blame Israel because it is convenient for people of your ilk to pursue anti-Semitism and demonize Israel whilst huge numbers of Arabs, Iraqi Christians, Ukrainians and Africans are being murdered on a daily basis and this you do not notice. Apparently, that doesn't count in your books. Finally, your committees and kangaroo courts will cause no dent to Israel and/or its citizens and leaders, it will only strengthen us to prevailing rather than surrendering.
5. If there was any UN Organisation that
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.12.14)
Was well past its Sell by Date That group of pompous windbags have not a shred of credibility left to be taken seriously Somebody throw Schabas a Peanut
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (08.12.14)
These two are the reason over 200,000 Syrians are killed, but no one cares. These Jew haters just want to get their way with the Jew. That will not happen. No one gives a hoot about the UN. it si the same as Arab League, which is basically a useless organization. Arab donations are just too good to pass. No one in UN asks why EGYPT does not get the responsibility of Gaza. It was their prior to their war with Israel. Muslims oil each other all day long and if they happen to kill anyone who fights back then they cry about war crimes. So pathetic!
7. I thought the arabs hated gay men like SHAbas
Mighty Jew Young ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (08.12.14)
another typical UN islamists ploy. Israel will show the tapes and the UN will ignore them and still fault Israel for her defending herself.
8. Schabas is a hughly ideological person
CJK   (08.12.14)
schabas lacks the judgment and the temperament to sit on a commission of inquiry of any sort. his comment that netanyahu poses a threat to israel's existence is a psychological projection and wishful thinking.
9. Another UN enquiry with the findings already decided then...
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (08.12.14)
Well what would you expect. Appointing William Scabass to head it just shows that there was never any intention of making it impartial.
10. Why should Amal Alamuddin take the offer
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (08.12.14)
She realized it was only to give this anti Israel Irish guy Schabas and the other guy publicity.
11. Cowboymovie-"Hang em first and then give em a fair trial"
Alan ,   SA   (08.12.14)
This is Judge Shabbos... Sounds like Blazing Saddles
12. Israel is not a signatory to the ICC
So rave on McDuff. Such crap, if America fired one or more rockets into Canada there'd be a bloody war. Hamas IS ALREADY CHARGED AT THE HAGUE FOR 'CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY' and. the suckers are still firing rockets and missiles into Israel. So, if reality, what's in a Kangaroo Court anyway? Some jumping older kangaroos we Jews know as anti semitic without varnish. KEEP BUILDING AND JEWS WILL COME!!!
13. UN
Adil Darwish ,   London UK   (08.12.14)
Panishing the Victim this how low the UN came down to. What a disaster
14. UN
Kenneth Lieberman ,   Westwood, New Jersey   (08.12.14)
The United Nations is a failed enterprise. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the epitome of a rational actor, and even the thought of trying him as a war criminal is utterly bizarre.
15. #12
Why!   (08.12.14)
If canada steals the land of America then America may rocket canada. The only theif state is israel, that the explanation for rockets. You are Theifs.
16. Is he an alcoholic.!. How else can we understand this imbeci
Adi ,   Zurich   (08.12.14)
Is he an alcoholic.!. How else can we understand this imbecile
17. What a dangerous hypocrite-investigate his ties
Dina   (08.12.14)
18. Why not... he deserves worse for defunding IDF
Miron ,   USA   (08.12.14)
when Army needed to be supported instead. Should be a good reminder to all PM's to follow to keep IDF in a shape good enough to finish off opponent as needed.
19. Schabas
Carrie ,   US   (08.12.14)
If it were not for PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel would no longer be a nation. A nation they are and a nation they will always be. Schabas, you have been deceived by Satan. PM Benjamin Netanyahu is the strongest, most intelligent, discerning man I have seen anywhere. You must be in cahoots with the Muslim believer Obama and his brown noiser followers.
20. like the cowboy kangaroo court
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (08.12.14)
"First, we'll give 'em a fair trial, then we'll hang 'em" Sounds like something out of a cheap Hollywood cowboy western. Perhaps Mr. Schabas should in desire for impartiality step down?
21. #7 your comment is offensive
Moti   (08.12.14)
I am a gay Israeli and have just come back from serving 1 month in Gaza fighting for my country. Do you have a problem with me?
22. UN enqjuiry of Israel-Gaza conflict
boy from Brooklyn ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.12.14)
To calim that Schabas is not biased against Israel and the prime minister ignores some imporant facets of his history. He went to Iran, to co-sponsor conferences with the Tehran-based Center for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity, where he was keynote speaker. The center has close ties with former Iranian president President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. During his speech at that conference,Schabas said that he believes Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu should be "in the dock of an international court." He also wrote in a law journal article that the Israeli prime minister could be regarded as "the single individual most likely to threaten the survival of Israel." (quoted from Wikepedia). If that does not fulfill the criteria of conflict of interest and bias what does?
23. Professor at 3rd rate college
Londoner ,   London England   (08.13.14)
Schabas is a professor at Middlesex University (formerly Polytechnic) in North London. That college is ranked in 60th place for studying law. It is basically a college for people too stupid to get into a proper law school. It is a joke that a third rater like him is given any position of importance
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