Opinion  Smadar Perry
Al-Sisi is not Israel's friend, he's a partner
Smadar Perry
Published: 13.08.14, 00:53
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1. In intl relations there are no friends
only partners. good that we have sisi as partner.
2. Friends
Df2 ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (08.13.14)
There are no friends in international relations. There are shared interests which can and do change over time.
3. Not a friend
tiki ,   belgium   (08.13.14)
In politics there are no friends, only interests, which sometimes result in a partnership of interest. All this talk of 'countries being friends of Israel, was always nonsense and only good for home consumption.
4. excellent analysis, very well-written
Rafi ,   US   (08.14.14)
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