Turkish satellite documents Gaza destruction
Roi Kais
Published: 12.08.14, 19:47
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2. Could have been worse
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.12.14)
Much, much worse. Israel could have reduced Gaza to a pile of rubble. Of course, none of this would have happened in the first place if Hamas hadn't launched thousands of missiles at Israeli cities. Unfortunately for Gaza, Hamas chose to launch its missiles from schools, mosques, apartment building courtyards and other densely populated areas. That is why Hamas are both war criminals and guilty of crimes against humanity. All responsibility for the devastation in Gaza accrues exclusively to Hamas, as does all civilian deaths. Israel is a sovereign state, with an absolute right and an affirmative duty to protect and defend its citizens. I find it amusing that "palestinians" in Gaza should express concern about the upcoming school year. They'll just have to put their hate-mongering and brainwashing on hold, won't they? What a shame ....
3. Al-Sisi Killed mb
Israel Must kill hamas, at all means.
4. can't tell anything from those photos
david ,   new york   (08.12.14)
how can you tell anything other than for the "after" photo being a darker shade. no useful info here. even if you were to believe the UN figures (which a almost certainly inflated by hamas in order to get them more money for "humanitarian aid" which they will then redirect into building terrorism tunnels and rockets) i am not sure why i should feel sad about it. if you use a house as a terrorist base, then it is no longer a home - it's a terrorist base. hamas is responsible and the gazans are responsible for their own actions. i dont feel sad for people who send their preschoolers to terrorist training camps
5. Imagine how thw Jews who have been hiding
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.12.14)
in holes in the ground feel. They have been deprived of the houses and freedom to walk above ground as well. Maybe the Palestinians shouldn't have supported...and continue to support killing Jews with missile fire. It tends to receive a response when you try to shoot your neighbors homes with fragmentary rockets and mortar rounds. You made your bed by your own attacks on civilians in Israel. Do we need to give you some cheese with your whine.
6. The U.S. & the U.N. are hypocrites which hate Israel!
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, USA   (08.12.14)
When America went into Faluja and fought a door to door style war, similar to Gaza, Americans killed over 800 civilians and destroyed almost 10,000 homes! America was not being attacked by thousands and thousands of rockets from above, nor was America being attacked by terrorists from tunnels below, bent on murdering American children and other civilians. Whenever the world needs to vent its hatred against Jews, Israel is attacked without reasoning. Muslims are supported blindly! The abrupt and often total collapse of logical reasoning, skeptical intelligence and ordinary moral judgment whenever the subject of Palestinian suffering arises, and Israel's unique efforts at preventing civilian casualties at the cost of Jewish lives is brushed aside, as if such humane considerations were a meaningless and everyday act taken by Islamic terrorists and armies worldwide, which it is not; not even by The United States of America. Yet, Obama makes his one-sided demands upon Israel and supports keeping Hamas intact and their tunnels intact to be used to murder Israeli civilians! To Obama and the rest of the myopic and Jew-hating world, Jewish blood is worthless and Islam should prevail. This mentality is consistent with the United Nations (against Israel), which has condemned Israel for Human Rights violations, which are NOT based upon reality, while Syria, Iraq and Hamas' human rights violations, which are factual, (not to mention China's violations), are all ignored! The 'children' in Gaza are imbued with hate. They learn to murder Jews specifically. The philosophy of hatred and murder of Jews is inherent to the teachings of the evil Qoran, which was inspired by a hate-filled and twisted murderer and pedophile, who Islam calls their prophet, who actually never prophesied anything! Theirs is not a religion. Theirs is a political agenda with a religious veneer. The proof being that anyone who wishes to convert and abandon Islam is murdered! Muslim children are sullied by Islam's hate-agenda, and as such, are not a great loss to the world when they perish. They are only a loss to the myriad of jihad murderers, which the children all too soon become, unless they are destroyed by their would be protectors, as human shields, as fodder in their endless campaign of murder!
7. No real difference
Dan S.   (08.12.14)
I could barely see a difference. If the job had really been done, one set of photos would show the city and the second would show the farmland and whole areas of gray waste. The bombing of Gaza was rather light. Effective bombing would be like those films of WWII showing how the Allies reworked Germanys cities
8. Good Shooting!
David H ,   Marietta, GA   (08.12.14)
This is the consequence of murdering Jewish teenagers, and launching explosives on missiles into civilian areas for the express purpose of killing as many men, women, children, elderly as is possible, for years on end. And I'm supposed to feel a modicum of sympathy for these savages? Don't shoot missiles, your houses won't be destroyed. Is that so hard a lesson to fathom? Apparently it is, but look who I'm talking to...
9. #1turkey you will soon be a halal dishes.....
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (08.13.14)
you claim to be of Chinese origin who sit and occupied the former Christian land of Asia minor. So you think you are forever strong forgetting you lost your evil empire at the same time killing million of Armenians!!!!!!!!! Armenians are pure civilians who do not own rockets or any ammunition and a fact the whole world knew it. May God bless Israel & Zion & the Jews
10. Are You Sorry, Now?
ik ,   USA   (08.12.14)
Maybe they should thought about that before sending rockets at Israeli citizens
11. So bloody what ???
Ralph ,   Ekatahuna NZ   (08.12.14)
Hamas should find itself at the war crimes court for using the population of Gaza for its own purposes. These war criminals should hang. It should be remembered that Hamas teach five year old children to wear and use homocide belts . . . and then they cry over the the bodies of the dead. If that isin't the ultimate in child abuse then tell me what is. Hamas are war criminals and should be treated as such.
12. Come on Sarah...It's all about the kids.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.12.14)
wink...wink. They use and abuse these kids like a person who leaves their kid in a hot car with the windows rolled up in the summer...while they shop for ammunition and missile parts at the nearest munitions store. They'll blame that on the Jews next round.
13. To Sarah B.,U.S./Israel (08.12.14), at nr. 2.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (08.12.14)
You are very right about Israel as a sovereign state. "islam"-"hamas" is guilty as hell to war crimes, guilty of crimes against humanity, guilty of Jew-hatred/Anti-Semitism, guilty of Xenophobism, Jingoism, guilty of terror/terrorism and of course guilty of genocide. The sooner as "islam"-"hamas" is destroyed, the better it is for Israel and the rest of the world. The one"s in the Gaza-Strip, who voted for that terror organization and who brought them to power (democratically) also are guilty and responsible, after 2005. By the way Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Workers Party (N. S. D. A. P.) also came to power in Germany in a democratic way, in 1933. MAY G.D ALSO BLESS ISRAEL, THE JEWISH AND ISRAELI PEOPLE!
14. To: Facebook Meze Ozan ยท
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.12.14)
Sorry, but there are no settlements in Gaza. And Jews have a right of return to the State of Israel. There could have been a "palestinian" state a long time ago. But the Arabs rejected partition in favor of going to war. They thought they would win. They lost. Too bad. Some things are forever.
15. Why not the other miserables?
David Fakheri ,   L A U S A   (08.13.14)
Wondering why these animals don't ever show any images of the miserables in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Libya and Kenya but when it comes to JEWS / ISRAEL suddenly they remember the GAZANS? David Fakheri Los Angles
16. me too, can't figure out nothing from photos
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (08.12.14)
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