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French hamlet 'Death to Jews' won't change name
Published: 14.08.14, 00:28
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1. They Shouldn't Change Their Name
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (08.14.14)
This is the Jew in exile.
2. ridiculous
sunny ,   dc, usa   (08.14.14)
just because it's old doesn't mean it isn't should be changed.
3. Keep the name: brings clarity to intra-Jewish discussions
jdc ,   New York   (08.14.14)
4. antisemitism
Silvia ,   Rio de Janeiro Br   (08.16.14)
that towns evidence the ancient antisemitism in Europe along history feeded by Rome
5. In that case
Isac   (08.17.14)
I assume that a French city would not have any problems to keep the name Kill the Muslims or kill the blacks. That after the fact that the city would first be entirely be burned down to their grounds caused by rioters.
6. In medieval times and later they killed the Jews.
bob k ,   orlando fl usa   (09.09.14)
The names refer back to the times when Jewish communities in England, then France, Germany and Spain were massacred and later the remnant expelled. The 'new' democratic Europe has lots of deeply embedded anti-Semitism in its societies and always will have. Most religious Jews are afraid to publicly identify as Jewish by wearing a kippa e.g. What kind of future will this century bring we wonder?
7. It is about time
paulD ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.09.14)
at least Jews acknowledge publicly, that the problems the Europeans had with Hitler was not because Hitler was killing Jews. It's one of the many things they had in common with the murder spree of Germany.
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