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Scrabble now includes fun Yiddish words
Peter Herriman
Published: 21.08.14, 00:20
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1. So... u can follow Scrabble, or Torah - no assimilation
Sage of the Age ,   Israel   (08.21.14)
German language or otherwise. Now the Ultra-Orthodox Haredim Bible is revealed. It's long been obvious that it isn't the Torah they claim.
2. You Jews take yourself too seriously
Kren   (08.21.14)
Yiddish is merely regurgitated German Frankish language and there is nothing funny or fun about Yiddish words, they may be amusing to 80 year old Yids like yourselves who never watched TV or had internet access
3. What's so funny about...
...the word "Schmutz"?
4. Too seriously?
Esav Benyamin ,   USA   (08.23.14)
We're having fun. Sorry you're too sour to join us. By the way, all the Germanic languages have a fairly recent common origin. "Schmutz" is cognate with English "smudge". Yiddish is 500 year old High German, before the ich-laut and ach-laut separated, before u-umlaut and o-umlaut developed. Add in Hebrew words (and some Slavic) instead of the Latin in Hochdeutsch and you've got it.
5. giddy yiddies...
o'diomaaigh ,   USA   (08.26.14)
what a monumental strike for jewih identity....LOL. y'all are way too serious
6. Hebrew vocabulary and grammar + German
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (08.29.14)
Mr Kren classic Yiddish is filled with Hebrew and Aramaic words, and many elements of Hebrew grammar. No linguist would ever call it regurgitated German. Yes, the Hebrew is combined with German, but that is not the entire story. Is this an anti-Semitic grind of yours, or what?
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