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Tesco ransacked by pro-Palestinian protesters
Published: 17.08.14, 00:22
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1. Protest action at stores
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (08.17.14)
Exactly what we need here all over America to stop the pernicious inflow and trade in goods from the illicit Zionist state. The protesters in Britain are setting an excellent example of how justice-seeking people must act. BDS!!!
2. Vandalism
Arnold ,   Canada   (08.17.14)
What right do those people have to go into a store and toss merchandise on the floor?
3. Thought the UK was civilized
Benji ,   US   (08.17.14)
Wonder how Brits feel having savage Arabs/Muslims push them around and dictate what they can eat, watch, listen to and purchase. This is no peaceful demonstration. Those who believe this is peaceful are in denial and rapidly heading toward dhimmitude and extinction.
4. Pro-Palestinian ransacked Tesco
jon ,   uk   (08.17.14)
UK should know these same army of people are organised and there are thousands of them in the UK they and other groups seeing UK government reaction to what they doing now next they will pick up on something else to do with their ideas UK wake up
5. Tesco markets...
Tania ,   Israel   (08.17.14)
It's my thinking if it weren't for the British, Jews and Arabs may have a chance. The British are the fire starters, and know the Jews are among the smartest, and the Arabs are the richest.. What power would the Middle East have. What a threat
6. # 1
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (08.17.14)
Yeh, in your dreams baby........ People like you are not worthy of American citizenship.
7. Jews and other Brits who like Israel
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (08.17.14)
should make a special effort to buy Israeli made products. We can beat them at their own game. If stores can make money, they wont listen to the boycotters.
8. What can you expect from a mob of illierates(end)
Lance ,   NYC, USA   (08.17.14)
9. Tell the truth
Lance ,   NYC, USA   (08.17.14)
The Trycycle Theater changed its mind because of the withdrawal of funding and support by the Jewish community.
10. #1 they were probably not native Brits!
Hila ,   Australia   (08.17.14)
You are a fool to think they speak for real british people. Like the crazy Muslim protesters we have in Australia that most true Australians loathe.
11. vandalism
mbh ,   israel   (08.17.14)
Just another reason why europe should realize that "The barbarians are at the gate" What happened to dialogue?
12. 3-you see 100s of Arabs in UK streets now
Not UK anymore   (08.17.14)
14. Looting the Supermarket!
tiki ,   belgium   (08.17.14)
Taking & breaking things that don't belong to you is a crime! Arrest & sue them. It's that simple! About the sudden 'reversal' of the Tricycle Theater. Despite their claims & morals, their 'insight only came after all (Jewish) donors retracted their all their (Jewish) money. So money talks, even for left talking but right walking 'Moralists & Humanists'!
15. Maybe Tesco Should now see how EVIL THESE PRO-PA PEOPLE ARE!
Riva ,   US   (08.17.14)
They should get some better security and realize how very belligerent these Arabs really are! It doesn't matter what they do, these Arabs will attempt to call the shots and do violence to any store they want! The whole country is in trouble! Stop supporting these animals!
16. Arab Hooligans...wake up are next.. sharia law...
Dina   (08.17.14)
Is just around the corner.
18. #3
RHarris ,   London   (08.17.14)
So much racism in three short sentences that you wrote. "Savage Arabs/Muslims" - says a lot about you, since you weren't there and the report even mentions "a group of Asian men". This group of Asian men was not "dictating what the Brits can eat, watch, listen to and purchase" but protesting against Tesco selling goods sourced in Israel. We all did the same during the South African apartheid years. It's your right not to buy fava beans made in Egypt and it's our right to avoid buying produce we consider to have come from any brutal regime, "democratic" or dictatorial, As I believe in the right to free expression, you obviously think I am on the road towad "dhimmitude and extinction." Thanks so much for the warning, but I must prefer to heed the advice of people whose heads are not so far up their own bowel tract that they can only spout hysterical nonsense.
19. The Reaction
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (08.17.14)
Of most of the UK public to these protests is one of revulsion against the pro Palestinian supporters. This where BDS is such a big failure and PR disaster. Unlike the sanctions campaign against SA. The vast majority of the UK public may think the IDF response was too heavy, but they largely blame Hamas for initiating the conflict, using civilians as shields and now with ISIS making headline news, conclude that ISIS and Hamas are really the same. VIZ Palestinian = Arab= Islamic= Mad Killers A PR disaster for Palestinian Cause, It won't be long before legislation is introduced to ban shops and services from refusing to sell products from Israel, individuals are of course free to select what they want
20. The Arabs will NEVER have Israel
Ezra ,   USA   (08.18.14)
enough said.
21. Everyone should have a SodaStream (from Israel)
Murray ,   Montreal   (08.18.14)
They save trips to the supermarkets, save $$$ and save plastic. They are SUPER!
22. Rharris the Hypocrite-.throw out your cell, computer and JC
Dina   (08.20.14)
All Jewish. RHarris- jealousy is a loses games you fool!
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