Iran tells UN nuclear chief no talks on missiles
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Published: 17.08.14, 16:19
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1. UN nuclear watchdog chief arrives in Iran
mark ,   uk   (08.17.14)
once again just another delay so Iran can carry on UN and the rest don't learn they are looking for a miracle from Iran
2. He works directly for the Caliphate & Husni Obama!
3. regime change, now!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (08.17.14)
the only sure way to dismantle iran's nuclear programme, and stabilize the middle east, is to overthrow the mullahcracy.
4. probable
ben Ish   (08.17.14)
the conservative estimate is that they have one finished nuclear device (~15KT) at this time, and are working on their second one. By this time next year, they should have four. my guess is that they will accumulate as many bombs as possible, and probably want a minimum of four, which they -could- have by end of the year, but probably not till sometime late 2015. my prediction is that there will be more "TALKS" for another ten years, which will give them enough time to complete at least 20 atomic bombs and several hydrogen bombs as well. They will increase trade and tech with DPRK until both parties have ICBM's and working 120KT warheads. Schedule another round of talks, anyone? Yeah, thats what I thought. How about a U.S.eless muslim president bowing to an al-jazeera reporter and whispering "I'm one of you" in perfect arabic?
5. U.N visit.
bart martin ,   Bogota Colombia   (08.17.14)
Iran,. like N Korea and like Nazi Germany is a monster state that has committed more terrorist attacks in the world than any other country.They even attack other Muslim nations if necessary.Almost all the >Muslim nations in the region are more afraid of iran than of israel.If an attack on their nuke sites happens various regional countries will help Israel,Some will do it silently and some openly. If the Islamic revolution in iran is ovrerthrown so much the better. But at least the world will breathe a sigh of relief if iran is defanged and their nuke program is destroyed.Let´s hope a big multi national coalition does it. But one way or another it will be done!
6. Prevent This Fast-Approaching Iranian Apocalypse,
joyce fraser ,   USA   (08.17.14)
OR, be prepared to 'enjoy', what can best be described as our(mankind's) genuinely cataclysmic ending - not to mention the ASSURED, IMMEDIATE, untold misery, pain and suffering, for Hundreds of Millions and likely BILLIONS, just prior to their praying for 'the relief of death.'
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