IDF destroys homes of killers of three teens in Hebron
Yoav Zitun, Noam (Dabul) Dvir, Ofer Petersburg
Published: 18.08.14, 09:06
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1. Zaid from facebook
Judah ,   Israel   (08.18.14)
Zaid, you should be a little more updated. Well, I guess It's not too surprising that you're not updated, anti-Semitics never seem to remember history or get their facts right. The arab kid was killed by arabs. Yeah, those "peaceful" "friendly" arabs of ours, are very similar to the arabs (palestinians?) that Jordan and every other arab country rejected. Are you also gonna blame Israel for this murder? Because maybe the taxes are too high and that's why he killed another arab? Oh wait, I forgot, they don't pay taxes so that can't be the reason. But I'm not worried, I'm sure you'll make up some other reason to blame the Jews/Israel, sorry I already busted 2 reasons to blame Israel. Oh and let me know how friendly your ISIS brothers are, I heard they're on the way to visit you in Jordan. I also heard they're just as "peaceful" and "friendly" as the arabs (palestinians?). I hope you enjoy their visit!
2. This never works
ggg ,   Tel Aviv   (08.18.14)
I'm neither left or right wing but have always abhorred this despicable practice. It has never worked - or how do you explain the rise of even more fanatical, more active acts of resistance? It's time this ugly - and futile - destructive practice was stopped. Punish the perpetrators but destroying a legal home, and punishing the family collectively for the acts of an individual is futile and undemocratic.
3. All equal under Jewish law
Allan ,   USA   (08.18.14)
And the idf continued from there down to the legal settlement and ( also) destroyed the homes of the terrorist who burned an innocent child.
4. Will Israel bomb Abu Khdeir's murderer house?
Lynx ,   Palestine   (08.18.14)
Of course not! Jews are the 'chosen' special ones? Dispecable and naked double standards.You cant even prove Qawasmi kidnapped the three soldiers!
5. Great strategy!
Talula ,   Israel   (08.18.14)
I believe Shin Bet has enough Intel to warrant the destruction of these houses. Furthermore, they should be allowed to destroy homes of suspects. My point being, is informers blabber for cash, and clearly someone linked these bastards with the murder of these young boys. But, typical of the breed, they clearly arent prepared to go down as muslim heros, they took the cowards way out and ran most of them do.
6. I dont agree with it.
jonatan ,   Ramat Gan   (08.18.14)
7. I dont agree 2
jonatan ,   Ramat Gan   (08.18.14)
Iam a proud Israeli and love my country. But I am against demolition of homes. Jail them for life, but no destruction of their houses.
8. Meretz Chairwoman Zehava Gal-On has already come out with
Ronald Simmons ,   Jerusalem   (08.18.14)
a statement saying that "this is collective punishment which will only harm the peace process".
9. Will they destroy the house of those who killed the arab boy
David Heartman   (08.18.14)
Or is that particular kind of punishment for Arabs only?
10. But they were happy living like rats under tunnels!
Deborah ,   Jerusalem   (08.18.14)
11. Justice for all
salim ,   AlQuds   (08.18.14)
to Solomon Balas The TERRORIST who burnt Muhammad Abu Khdier alive still has his home to go back to when he is judged insane by the noble Israeli justice system!!! history will be the ultimate judge of this ethnocracy and nonsense.
12. Destroying kidnappers homes
Carla Morris ,   Narrabri Australia   (08.18.14)
This sends a strong message but I doubt it will be heard or understood.
13. Israeli justice
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (08.18.14)
There was no trial, no judgment and no sentence. Just pure populistic revenge in order to please the stupid middle Israeli. In Israel every [jew] is equal under the law. Are we going to see the homes of the Jewish thugs destroyed too in the only democracy in the Middle East by the most moral army in the world?
14. oops! I Guess the IDF Just Forgot to Also Destroy the Homes
Doug ,   Rochester, USA   (08.19.14)
of the Jews that murdered the Palestinian and the Jews that beat the Palestinian-American child while he was totally restrained by handcuffs. It must be they just forgot? I can not imagine it is racism? After all, Hasbarist websites talk about how kind and fair Israel is. And if it is published on the web, it must be true?
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