'It's time to abandon truce talks, reach decisive victory over Hamas'
Moran Azulay, Attila Somfalvi
Published: 20.08.14, 01:17
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1. Hamas
Henry ,   Manila   (08.20.14)
Defeating Hamas is just one small step towards temporary peace on Israel. All of Israel's Muslim neighbors are Israel's enemies not counting all the other Muslim countries in the world. I say temporary peace because Israel will not have a permanent peace until she as a nation accepts Jesus Christ as the Messiah and apologize to God for Jesus' murder.
2. talk is cheap
Netanyahu has had many failures, but this time he is probably right. Obama has told Netanyahu that the US will give Hamas 100$ support in case of renewed hostilities. Netanyahu has to take a gamble. If Netanyahu takes Hamas on now, he will face an arms boycott, closed airport and international condemnation coordinated by Obama. When Iranian nukes come on line, Israel will be alone. Apparently, Netanyahu has chosen to maintain ties with the US and hope something will happen. Will Obama be impeached? Will the US re-ally with Israel after the midterm elections or in 2016? Will there be a war in Europe? When will Jihad reach Jordan and Saudi Arabia?
3. It's time to abandon fight against..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.20.14)
Rabbis and Tora study, Free the Tora students who are in jail. It's not the time to "Has Vehalila"anger G-D. Look at Lapid, his enterprises are a complete failure. Israel will be invincible when, spiritually and physically strong, with G-D's help.
4. Time to act!
Yoel ,   Israel   (08.20.14)
What the hell is the Gov waiting for? maybe a miricle- Finish Hamas now..dont talk any more.......
5. It's obama isn't it?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (08.20.14)
Otherwise Gaza would be a smoldering toxic waste dump.. Oh! it already is due to Hamas errant rocket that blew up Gaza's water treatment plant leaving raw sewage rushing to the sea while there is nearly no water in Gaza.
6. Hamas
charlie fincher ,   okla city USA   (08.20.14)
Only solution is elimination of Hamas by military means and any other terrorist group that raises its head. Can one fathom attempting to make peace with Hitler?
7. Shut up and get on with it !(end)
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.20.14)
8. Can you imagine: Bibi's making me miss the "heroic" Olmert!
9. As The Israeli PMs action indicate -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.20.14)
- He is a Jerk and no Leader in Military matters. He has no real vision of action. He has backed the wrong Horse(Obama). Arn.Sweden.
10. And the reasons are......
Dan ,   USA   (08.20.14)
Bibi can't convene the security cabinet until he hears from Obama, the UN, EU and every other anti Israel pressure group. I'm not sure if Bibi understands, even at this late date in his life, that Jews will not be allowed to be victorious simply because they are Jews.
11. To Bad
A.C.Guard ,   USA   (08.20.14)
Bibi has a chance of being one of the heros of Israel instead he will probably be remembered as Israel's Neville Chamberlain.
12. Lieberman's Comments
RJR ,   miami   (08.20.14)
Avigdor Lieberman's comments and stance to respond with violence to violence are a clear reflection that he should not be involved in Israeli Politics. To believe that we can quickly defeat Hamas without inflicting major injuries and losses to human live on both sides is also a sign he has no clue what he is talking about. This conflict in Gaza is hurting the Israeli and Jewish core values. To respond with violence to violence is a primitive reflex. We jews value life, education, family and health. All these principles are gone when using force against Palestinians. Israel should consider increase the number of Iron Dome's to shoot down rockets and make the blockade even tighter until they surrender.
13. to #12
and organize " Kiss hamas day" in high schools
14. Problem is not Hamas,the problem is White House defending Ha
ab   (08.20.14)
-mas and demanding "no casualties of Gaza civilians"-as if there were civilians, not ardent Hamas helpers
15. Lieberman is right
Brod ,   USA   (08.20.14)
If the PM cannot defend the nation, the Cabinet should come to the rescue and defend Israel decisively. They should not be deterred by Obama the Islamist that is bad to America and Israel. According to World Tribune, Obama has stopped the sale of weaponry to Israel. He is on the side of America's and Israel's enemies. Congress should impeach him. Israel should work directly with the American people and Congress that support Israel. Meanwhile, Israel must neutralize Hamas quickly. Since last night, Hamas has been raining rocket bombs at Israel. Failure to stamp them out quickly will cause Israel irreparable damage and erosion of its deterrence.
16. All those mad at Bibi because he will not "defeat"
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (08.20.14)
Hamas are flat out delusional. There is no way to "defeat" Hamas and if Israel tries, it will get hundreds of thousands of Gazans killed, tens of thousands of Israelis killed and completely destroy the Israeli economy for decades. Bibi is not hesitant because of Obama, because he hates Obama and loves to spit on him every chance he gets. NO, the problem is the IDF is telling Bibi the REALITY of any further military action in Gaza. The Gazans have nothing left to lose, so any attempt to enter Gaza will be extremely bloody and will cause the under-40 Americans to quickly hate Israel. Sure Israel owns most of the congress critters today, BUT when faces with a very angry electorate, the congress critters will not stay bought. Right now Al-Sisi and the Saudis back Israel, but they are out of sync with their populations and too much more Gazan blood and both leaders will be removed. Israel is getting real close to going over the cliff.
17. Israel
karen simons ,   Mukilteo, Wa. U.S. A   (08.20.14)
Israel needs to do to Hamas what the allies did to Dresden, Germany- ' carpet bomb them and destroy their enemy. Shalom k
18. Nr.9. Following ones own spirit !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (08.20.14)
If God has given One responsibility for a task and mission, as a PM in this case, One has to follow Ones own spirit in the course of action and not anothers(Obamas) . Arn.Sweden.
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