Hamas vows revenge for Deif's family
Elior Levy
Published: 20.08.14, 19:50
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1. If an individual is dedicated to murder
joyce fraser ,   USA   (08.20.14)
and destruction, then that individual deserves to get his/her own medicine. ... something about 'just desserts'.
2. Deif will decide until Israel will finish off his decisions
3. Hamas: Only Deif will decide when Israelis can return home
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.20.14)
Code for Only that mad Psychopath Deif will decide if Gaza is saved or destroyed
4. Legit target
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (08.20.14)
If ever there was a legit target in the War on Terror, the Hamas military chief would be it. Israel was prepared to have calm for calm without a final agreement. Hamas opted to renew the battle.
5. I hope Hamas starts feeding on their own
mark ,   usa   (08.20.14)
who in Hamas sold him out. Had to be someone high enough to know his location and someone thinking he is a liability to Cairo truce talks. Maybe that stateless ass in Qatar sold him out and the report that Qatar would expelled him was cover. Actually that is not a bad idea.use it to full effect.
6. Missed Opportunity
Jon ,   Baltimore USA   (08.20.14)
Maybe he showed up for the funeral? A Hamas supporter and a Hamas terrorist mean the same thing. Imagine how many, including possibly Deif, could have been taken out during the funeral procession. Talking about knocking out a few birds with one stone. I'm sure there was at least 1,000 Hamas terrorists/supporters there that could have been taken out.
7. So, the names of all the victims were not revealed!!
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.21.14)
Its a kind of suspicious....
8. take out all the leadership
alsky ,   toronto   (08.20.14)
its the only way
USA   (08.21.14)
HAMAS is beyond stupid, beyond logic. The yboast that they seek death and to become martyrs (shahids), but when they do become shahids they curse the situation? What about the gift of paradise and all the celestial virgins and everlasting gluttony? These morons are clueless as to what they want, just wipe them off the face of the earth...they are a menace to their own people, to themselves and to civilized Israeli's and Egyptians!
10. simple solution
zionist forever   (08.20.14)
Israel says he is dead. Hamas say he alive as a man cannot be both dead and alive get him yo make a propaganda video even if its from s hospital bed. Humiliate the IDF say how they tried to kill Deif but failed, show the world the IDF is incompetent and can never defeat Hamas.
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