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From Manipur to Kfar Hassidim: A lost tribe makes Aliyah
Neta-el Bendel & Gabi Newman
Published: 21.08.14, 00:19
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1. Are they coming to replace the Zionists?
Moshe   (08.21.14)
2. I hope they will listen to the simple request of the Rabbis
Riva ,   Israel   (08.21.14)
It is very important they follow thrrough with the instructions of the Rabbis here (which are really no big deal), but it will ensure their acceptance in society. IF they are really from the "lost tribes," there is NO reason they shouldn't abide by the accepted authorities here! i wish them well!
3. Last photo: Angry Bird "Red" makes Aliyah too :-)
4. Great photos of lovely people
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.21.14)
Whether they are descendants of the tribe of Menashe or not matters little. The only important thing is that they want to be part of the people of the tribes of Israel.
5. Michael Freund....The Man with vision and dedication
Tim ,   Brighton   (08.21.14)
Thank you for helping to bring Bnei Menashe home
6. and if they are not jews?
wise ,   eu   (08.21.14)
they were lot of tribes who claimed to be jew when it was ok for them .. do you intermarry with them ?
7. sorry but hard to prove and unlikely
joe   (08.21.14)
their own history pre 1600 says they were animists ....locals who know local history.. interesting to see what genetics will tell. impossible to prove they were part of ancient israel...but very unlikely. based on some fairly recent oral traditions and practices which are not so uncommon in people groups.
8. Ben Menasse
Eli Ganan ,   Amsterdam   (08.21.14)
Ben Menasse is not a Jewish tribe but a Israelite tribe and Jews(Juda) are also a Israelite tribe, this is just a other corruption in Jewish teaching which Moshe talked about in the Torah, after my death.....Devariem 31:29
9. Congratulations!
USA   (08.21.14)
And, all the BEST!
10. Land is shared by insects, animals, vegetation, people.
Michael ,   California, USA   (08.21.14)
From these, only people need to constantly prove that they belong to a patch of land, sometimes called a country. They prove it through their willingness to live there no matter what and to die for their conviction that this land is theirs. Bnei Menashe, our brothers from India, are proving themselves worthy through their undisputed conviction. No rabbi can tell them what to do once they reach the land they want to live on and are willing to die for, the land of Israel.
11. Are They Really Jews (Israelites)?
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.21.14)
There is one way of testing. Not DNA or traditions. Gefilte fish. If they like it, they're in.
12. I believe I have a strong connection to the Rothschilds!
13. Welcome!
Dani ,   TLV   (08.21.14)
It took me 3 years to get used to the mess. A bit difficult at the beginning, but the best decision ever! Hope you'll have a fulfilling journey!
14. Lost Tribe
Ariel ,   Jerusalem   (08.21.14)
Lost Tribe became Jewish....
15. WELCOME!!!
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (08.21.14)
16. Lost Tribe?
As various tales of “ancient Israel” are largely fictional how can they be certain these people come from the ME region.
17. @Joe #7 I agree their origin as a "Lost Tribe" is dubious, b
Mikhael   (08.22.14)
whether true or not they are very sincere in their belief and very willing to undertake all the rigors of being dedicated Jews and Israelis. Their conversions to Judaism are done according to strict halakhic criteria (if that means anything to you), and those that I have met in Israel stay very committed to being Jews. They're not faking. On the other hand, you can also look at them as religious fanatics too. All in all, though, I believe they make a good addition to Israeli society--modest, altruistic, dedicated people
18. THANK YOU...! :)
Tiekie Haokip ,   Migdal Haemeq Israel   (08.22.14)
I thank all the person who help the SHAVEI and THE LOST TRIBE..! Thanks to "H" for helping us return to our PROMISHED LAND...!
19. Bnei Menashe
aris ,   Tel Aviv   (08.21.14)
If Russians not only can come to Israel, but are brought to Israel by the sognut, why not Bnei Menashe. Far too many of the Russians coming to Israel are not Jewish, do not want to be Jewish, have no Jewish identity and no tie to Israel. They raise their children the same. Bnei Menashe are the complete inverse. They identify with Israel, have a loyalty and commitment to the country and the religion and raise their children likewise. Are we not better off having loyal citizens who want to be here and raise their children in a Jewish country, than having those who have no attachment and hence commitment or loyalty to Israel. Bring Bnei Menashe in ALL of them!
20. no problem
ruth ,   Israel   (08.22.14)
they undergo conversion here, will be as "kosher" as everybody else.
21. Lost Tribe?
Konrad ,   Poland   (08.21.14)
A hundred years ago the majority of the Mizo tribals - nowadays Bnei Menasse - were head-hunters. Head-hunters.
22. Yasher Ko'Ach Michael
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (08.24.14)
We are seeing the fulfillment of Prophecy about the Return of the scattered Tribes. Let Israel also complete the Ethiopian aliyah. The formal conversion is to eliminate any problems about marriage.
23. number 6. reason for conversion
Joseph ,   London England   (08.26.14)
The Rabbinate requires a formal conversion to make sure they are Halachically Jewish and can marry any other Jews.
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