IDF, Shin Bet kill three senior Hamas commanders
Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun
Published: 21.08.14, 08:51
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1. So happy
Donna ,   The world   (08.21.14)
May they rot in hell!!
2. Gaza - Ask yourself WHY Hamas broke the ceasefire?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.21.14)
Its becoming clearer that the Negotiators in Cairo had NO IDEA that Rockets would be fired to deliberately break the ceasefire If was Deif in league with Mashaal who decided to reignite the conflict without any consultation with the rest of the Hamas Leadership And the obscenity of this all? Mashaal YET AGAIN is found enjoying his luxury lifestyle in Qatar out of reach, out of harms way, under the 'hospitality of Qatar' pictured grinning in the gym...while YET AGAIN Gaza burns THINK GAZA since that moron was ejected from Syria and made his 'comeback to Day to Day Gaza Politics' how Gaza has gone from being quiet and calm to a 40 Day NIGHTMARE Qatars PROTECTION and HOSPITALITY of Mashaal is VILE Qatar must send him BACK TO GAZA NOW where he belongs to feel and experience what Gaza is going through as a result of HIS reckless actions
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.21.14)
Yet again the Ceasefire UNILATERALLY broken by the Hamas Deif-Mashaal Duo to perpetuate the conflict Why? Because they are MORE FEARFUL of Gaza FURY than Israels As they see and hear the rumblings of anger in they callously fire more rockets 'to divert their attention to make them aware of the life and death struggle' Only its Mashaals precious LIFE and Gazas DEATH Its got to the stage where of the hundreds in contact - NO GAZAN we speak to now KNOWS or CARES WHY and FOR WHAT the conflict was started They don't just want an end - but a PERMANENT END and they want is NOW
4. clearing demolitions.
eddiE ,   sa   (08.21.14)
destroy their earth-moving bulldozers and diggers .. Let them do some usefull work and clear the rubble by hand... Useful work may keep the hatred out of their heads for a short while--but this is expecting too much
Perish by the Sword.....
6. Security Of Israel
Amir Hosseini ,   Netherlands / Gouda   (08.21.14)
First Israel Has A Right To Protect Itself, We Are Happy That Israeli Soldiers Do Their Job Very Well And Defend Israel Successful. The Only Solution For Peace And Security In Israel Is To Stop And Disarmed Hamas And Other Terrorist Organizations In Gaza, That Is The Best For Peace In The Region Too. God Bless And Protect Israeli Soldiers They Protect israel 66 Years Long And Successful.
7. Three less pal pigs to worry about.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (08.21.14)
Watch Hamas 'leaders;' get vaporized by Israel . Thank you israel !! KEEP BUILDING !!!!
8. They are killed but not gone from the universe. Elohim had
Rivkah   (08.21.14)
His angels cast them into the worst place in hell, the place for mass murderers. It is too late for them to turn to Elohim. That is the only tragedy, to fail to turn to Elohim before it is too late.
9. It would be better for them that they had never been born.
10. Baruch Hashem
Shalom ,   Ashdod   (08.21.14)
for three less dogs we have to worry about. Now they can meet the rest of their friends in Gehinam
11. Well done IDF we support you
Nancy   (08.21.14)
12. Great Work, now Get Meshal
Alex   (08.21.14)
He's the million dollar cow.
13. Qatar will fight Israel to the last Palestinian
Alex   (08.21.14)
Qatar will fight Israel to the last Palestinian
14. Bomb the funerals. it's the only way.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.21.14)
These psychopaths honor blood-lusting murderers. They all attend the funerals of the 'big shots' so they should become targets of opportunity. They should all know that being a member of Hamas or supporting it in any way is a ticket out of this life. Remember- they said it themselves: "We love death as much as you (Israel) love life." (I'm surprised that psychiatrists haven't offered their opinions on this psychosis.) The least we can do is to help them on their way.
Robert ,   Israel   (08.21.14)
Allah must be really happy.. HE is receiving at his side ONE BY ONE the Palestinian terrorist commanders (with the help of IDF, of course). This is what I call Interfaith Relationship.
16. Thank you IDF soldiers! Shabbat Shalom!
Dina   (08.21.14)
17. God bless Israel
R Junior ,   Brazil   (08.24.14)
The death of terrorist makes a better world. God bless Israel!!!
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