Report: James Foley's killer is Londoner named John
Ynet, AP
Published: 21.08.14, 12:01
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1. Can't wait for John's head to be served on a US platter.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (08.21.14)
perhaps obama should take the side of American's instead of terrorists pals? KEEP BUILDING!!!!
2. Lets hope they get the scum
Nancy   (08.21.14)
3. Now, that the killer was identified
Shalom ,   Ashdod   (08.21.14)
who is going to take him out; America or England? Maybe they should ask Israel to do the honors!!!
4.  The real War criminals
ky   (08.21.14)
is this what the generation that gave their lives fighting the Nazis died for? The generation of British politicians that bred this monstrosity should be put on trial
5. Do you know what this proves to me ?
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (08.21.14)
That British and American intelligence groups have been lazing about and not doing their jobs. Otherwise they would have known about these "citizens" before they went out to do these horrendous acts. And how about preventing them from crossing borders if you have the slightest suspicious thought about them.
6. Please say Psalms for Steven Joel Sotloff
Dina   (08.21.14)
7. James Foley's Killer is a Londoner
Mavis ,   Israel   (08.21.14)
Europe got rid of the educated, cultured Jews and this is what they got in return!
8. english pride
joemoer ,   iSrael   (08.22.14)
england should be really proud ...home grown terrorist shows his groups true colours...always behind all this is George Galloway...forever pro islamic terror
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