1 critically wounded after rocket hits street in Ashdod area
Ilana Curiel
Published: 22.08.14, 22:39
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1. solution is to start killing low level hamas activists
zionist forever   (08.22.14)
If we want to hurt Hamas long term the solution is to start a new targeted assassinations a policy of 1 rocket = the assassination of 1 activist. Instead of mounting big operations to take out the well protected top men who will be replaced we go for the low level people. Most the low level activists don't want to die for Hamas but if they know Israel might assassinate one of them at random because a rocket was fired to would first off affect the membership with fewer people joining Hamas and it would also encourage mutiny eventually have the little people rise up tell the top brass you make a rocket policy we get killed so we demand new tactics. Let Hamas destroy themselves
2. To: Facebook Ahmed Kachkach
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.22.14)
First of all, I question your number -- there aren't 161 mosques in all of Gaza -- but they stopped being mosques the instant Hamas started using them to stockpile missiles and mortars. That act instantly turned those mosques into legitimate military targets. Some "religion of peace," that permits storing missiles and mortars in mosques. If you have no respect for your religion and your places of "worship," why should anyone else?
3. Its time Israel spoke DIRECTLY to People of Gaza
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.22.14)
Tell them DIRECTLY...Shower Gaza with Leaflets because they need to know From the People of Israel to the People of Gaza Because WORDS can be more powerful than guns or rockets.... MAKE IT CLEAR THAT You have NO designs on ANY Gaza Territory You have EVERY WISH to live in peace side by side You have EVERY WISH to develop normal relations with Gaza You have EVERY WISH to see Gaza prosper and flourish This is not an attack on innocent Gaza civilans but every casualty on both sides is a tragedy and a travesty that must be stopped for good
4. Avi Shimko, when will it end, you ask?
Moshe   (08.22.14)
When secular Jews will see G-d's Hand in these thousands of wonderous miracles and openly proclaim there's a G-d in the world and we cannot do whatever pleases us which is against G-d's laws. When all Jews will turn back to G-d and keep the Torah like Jews ought to, that's when our enemies will stop fighting us. Until then, good luck!
5. iran-you will get the bomb
marcel   (08.22.14)
based on bibi'spathetic response and flinching before hamas, prefering to chew out bennett and leiberman, he will do nothing to stop you from getting the bomb. YOu judged him to be weak and he is. Israel would be stronger if it had nasrollah as leader instead of the puny collection of weaklings olmert, herzog, livni, bibi and gal on.
6. Occupation is a dangerous bussiness. Res
7. gaza
Barney ,   USA   (08.22.14)
why are there any buildings left standing in gaza? why is there electricity and running water? is this not a war? you fight to win or else you lose.
8. News you DONT read from Gaza
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.22.14)
Growing speculation as to what is motivating Mashaal and his 'co conspirators' to perpetuate the conflict DESPITE the protests of many in Hamas Insiders from Gaza reporting yesterday believe they have discovered that Mashaal has just been given a 'personal donation' of up to $50 million to be shared among his accomplices inside Gaza by of all countries...Qatar Why Qatar,,,what have they possibly got to gain? Is this some sort of obscene way of using death and destruction and this conflict as a Qatar 'Tool' to apply pressure on Egypt to force concessions on the AJ issue? Is this merely BLOOD MONEY that Mashaal has been awarded which he has so 'gratefully' accepted? NOBODY in Gaza would put it past him
9. News you DONT hear from Gaza
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.22.14)
Hamas Paranoia about informers is getting to a point where even innocent civilians are being 'Shot on Sight' But the Paranoia is not without foundation People in Gaza looking at the conduct of Hamas and their cynical breaking of every ceasefire and seeing NO END IN SIGHT are saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH If Hamas cant stop this THEN WE WILL The only beneficiary of this mayhem seems now to be our old Fancy Boy Mashaal who has reputedly been granted a 'Personal Gift of almost $50million by Qatar to 'prolong the conflict' whilst ordinary Gazans have lost their families, their homes and their livelihood That's WHY SO MANY are resorting to informing on Tunnel and Rocket Locations - so that the conflict is shortened and the reward money helps them rebuild where Hamas cant or wont
10. So Israel has to retaliate with silk gloves while Hamas
Moshe   (08.22.14)
gets to fire purposely at civilians, as per commands from the anti-Semites in the UN and US. When Israel will show power and stop worrying about the UN, Obama and other anti-Semites in the world, and take their silk gloves off and give it to Hamas like they deserve without worrying about so-called innocent civilians, Hamas will learn their lesson and even respect Israel for it ... and so will the UN, Obama and other anti-Semites.
11. our response will be strong
Booboo   (08.22.14)
we'll continue to hit empty buildings and empty tunnels but no matter how many Israeli 5 year olds are killed we will never ever kill the `Azan Arabs, they are our beloved cousins, love, Uncle Booboo and the Cabinet
12. Dont worry folks I'm negotiating
Booboo   (08.23.14)
I've a wonderful Americano accent and am negotiating with our Hamas cousins, so don't worry all will be well. There are still a number of empty buildings we can hit, after leafleting of course, we wouldn't want to actually hurt our cousins. Love, Uncle Booboo
13. Criminal "islam"-"hamas" "at work"
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (08.22.14)
Destroy, eradicate, anihalate crimimal "islam"-"hamas" and it's allies completely now! If necessary also flatten the entire "islam"-Gaza-strip. The Jewish and Israeli people has the right to be protected, to be defended and to be served by their government, to live in peace, security and prosperity. MAY G.D ALSO BLESS ISRAEL!
14. Hamas MISSLES
Andrew D ,   The World   (08.22.14)
Enough is enough. Tell them they have 2 choices, either stop the rocket attacks or we will re occupy Gaza. Yes, I understand the complexities involved and the "day after", but all they understand is total defeat. Yes, our kids
15. no problem hamas
geroge   (08.22.14)
bibi is weak and makes concessions-no guts. keep firing your rockets and bibi will agree to a truce with almost all of your conditions. Danon was right about bibi and so were bennett and lieberman. Yaalon talked a good game- now it is killed 4, 20 airstrikes and gave them a good blow- big bloody deal. When you kill 40,000 then you can start talking.
16. Synagogue hit
Arnold ,   Montreal   (08.22.14)
Knowing the other side they must be jumping up and down with pride. But no candies till a real person dies I presume. When that happens there will be 2 choices on the part of Israel. Give up or eradicate Gaza.
Gady ,   Mexico City   (08.22.14)
please, finish the job. I really want to see what steve benazzi - benzona is going to say; I am getting used to my morning laughing session...
18. To: FB Ahmed Kachkach, redux
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.22.14)
Did you think Israel's patience and restraint would last forever? You do recall that Hamas kidnapped and murdered three Jewish boys. Hamas was deliberately trying to provoke an incident -- I think that they thought that they had enough missiles stockpiled, and they severely underestimated Iron Dome -- so they made the mistake of stepping up missile and mortar attacks on Israel. Israel is a sovereign state and, as such, has an affirmative duty to protect and defend its citizens and to ensure the sanctity of Israel's borders. Did you notice that the international community's comments were restricted to announcing that Israel has the right to defend itself from attack -- and then suggested that Israel exercise maximum restraint. Well, not all suggestions have to be followed, but I assure you that Israel exercised considerable restraint. What you have seen in the past month is approximately three percent of the manpower and the firepower that Israel has at its disposal. Were we to up it to five percent, there would be nothing left of Gaza. It would not take Israel long to reduce Gaza to a pile of rubble, and Hamas was shocked and baffled that it was the subject of much criticism in the Arab world, and the object of significant blame by everyone. Hamas brought this devastation upon itself. Hamas are war criminals for having targeted Israeli civilians, and they are guilty of crimes against humanity for having cached weapons in schools, mosques, hospitals and private homes, because in so doing, those schools, mosques, hospitals and private homes became legitimate military targets -- Hamas knew that they were putting the people of Gaza in harm's way, and they did it with malice aforethought. The right of a sovereign state to defend itself from terrorist attack trumps the right to life of civilians sheltering in a school that is used as a weapons storage facility and from whose courtyard, missiles were launched at Israeli cities. Hamas may not have realized this. They made a terrible mistake; a mistake from which they cannot and will not recover. Killing eighteen Gaza civilians without indictment and trial is a brutal act that shocked the world. Hamas is finished. Israel isn't through with them yet, and the civilized people on this planet want Israel to finish the job. There is no room in the world for groups like ISIS, or Hamas, or Islamic Jihad, or Hezbollah if civilization is to survive.
19. To: Facebook Motasem Issa
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.22.14)
War of attrition? Oh, hell no. Israel will turn Gaza into a giant, glowing cinder first. So much for manufacturing capacity. For that matter, so much for your subhuman terrorist scum. How do you like us now, sluggo?
20. When jihadist psychopaths leave you no choice,
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.22.14)
you must lower yourself to fight like the beasts they are. If they send off 80 rockets, then Israel should randomly drop the same number on Gaza. Hamas lives to kill Jews. Israel cannot let that condition exist. England and the USA bombed Germany and Japan into oblivion before they surrendered. Unfortunately, the same is needed here. Evil exists in the world, and for the moment, its name is Hamas. I cry for the people of Gaza- look what you have brought upon yourselves. You actively and tacitly approved Hamas's actions- and now you will pay a price that is too high to survive.
21. Put a wall 1/4 of the way from the eastern border of
Moshe ,   Usa   (08.22.14)
goozah give residents 40 days to get themselve & their crap our of that area & bomb the hell out of it & do not let any buildings stand except the arena where Samson ripped down . . . save that. Then go to the west to the adjacent next 1/4 of gooozah & do the same until every gooozan is out or dead. Do not destroy Gush Katif. Bring back those who were thrown out. I am so tired of advising you stupid Jews what you should do. If someone raises their hand to you, cut their head off. do not rebuild gooozah until you need that land to reduce the costs incurred in the Israeli economy. And continue building in Judea & Sumaria NOW.
Myron Ernst ,   vestal, NY USA   (08.22.14)
Israel has two choices: the first is to allow inself to become a country in which it is increasingly difficult to live, or to launch an all-out war against Hamas, et al and destroy them once and for all, ignoring the Mulsim Prresident of the US, and the EU, and UN. We have gone past the point of concern with world opinion. It's now or never.
23. Take the freakin◊≥ gloves off: this is all-out war!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (08.23.14)
Every UN building is a legitimate target! Stop playing this game of high moral standing, and use all means with harsh intent to kill these godless savages! And, stop adhering to the political correct script of the Palestinian Arab: there's NO such thing! There's only Arabs' occupying Israeli lands. That makes the picture clear, and the remedy simple to implement: wipe the godless savages out, and be done with the whole Palestinian question...the great lie that has held the Israelis hostage for years counting! Also, Netanyahu needs to stop talking out of both sides of his mouth: threatening...promising one thing while doing another: i.e., they will pay a heavy price...while agreeing to senseless ceasefires that favor the terrorists, allowing these godless heathens the ability to catch their collective breaths. Stop the leaflets and phone calls: what idiotic practices! No matter how much Israel tries to appease the world, they'll always be hated; so, if one is going to be hated, then let it be for a righteous cause, such as protecting, by ALL means, the God-given land of Israel! Again, Israeli leadership needs to stop apolizing for being Jews, and show the world what the title of "chosen people" means...and, stands for. They owe that to God and not to the Jew-hating world! God bless Israel and His Jerusalem!!! A Christian Zionist
24. Israel obeys Psaki of the State Dept ,that's the results
ab   (08.22.14)
25. Can't be ,Sheetrit,a Presidential candidateis on record chid
ab   (08.22.14)
-ing audience " And where're those "Rockets on Ashdod" "?
26. Seems we can't cope with the might of Hamas! Our "leaders"
present us with "victories & achievements" as if we were combating a huge, regular army of a mighty opponent! What a sorry -ass Zionist Enterprise we've become.
27. How many hearing disabilities will occur among
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (08.22.14)
the southern area of Israel - because of all the sirens, rockets and booms. Trauma will also be an aftermath symptom. Wouldn't have been better to deal with Hamas quickly and efficiently?
28. Bibi - stop playing games + start getting serious
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (08.22.14)
29. hamas will have to pay a heavy price tonight
zionist forever   (08.22.14)
Bibi can't let a 5yr old child be killed and not retaliate in a major way. He must do everything possible to resist any US,EU or UN solutions which cam only hurt Israel.
30. haniyeh and mashaal no longer represent palestinians
They only represent what is let of Hamas. Palestinians grudgingly tolerate hamas majority wish for a better future that Hamas cant and will never deliver whether hudna tadiyeh or whatever strategy they try.Palestinians need a new alternative as soon as they are able to get a new dynamic. The role of qatar in funding the Gaza conflict needs to be exposed fully and examined for oys destructive onvolvement in peace making
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