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Jewish school in Denmark targeted in anti-Semitic attack
Published: 23.08.14, 00:26
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1. The Danes are fair but naive folks.They're being bombarded
daily with Arab, fascist, jihadist propaganda facilitated by their media (just like all over Europe). When pictures of dead "innocents" are not enough, they also depict the "suffering animals" in the Gaza Zoo. That way, the little Jens/Annelise can grasp the enormity of Zionist inhumanity too. Every angle is covered. They just got their first, proper mosque and there are more in the pipeline. It'll be interesting to follow their slow, but certain wake up and see if they'll be ready to do "the unimaginable": cleansing their society from Islam. as in: WHOLE of Islam, since there is but ONE ALLAH & ONE KORAN!!! (or as Hussein Obama likes to call it: ' The Holy Koran") Good Morning Copenhagen!
2. Price tag attack?
James Loughton ,   USA   (08.24.14)
3. Same old same old...
Al   (08.25.14)
What the hell will it take for us Jews to realize that living in the galut is detrimental to our health? There is absolutely no future in staying in the galut.
4. Rabies attack, James? More vitamins will do you good.
5. Danes Know about ArabTerrorists-no excuse for them
Dana   (08.26.14)
6. #3 Living in the galut vs
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.26.14)
living with galut mentality leaders in Israel. Which is safer?
7. 3 and 6 I think it is safe to say...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.28.14)
that Jews without Tora aren't safe anywhere.
8. Hi Ora, It's me. Really? has the Torah really sheltered us
from evil? If we reverse the saying "He who saves a life saves the world" (a world) and claim that every Jewish life lost due to prosecution was irreplaceable, what does it mean, that in 1 or 5 or 100 years we'll enjoy full bliss of peaceful existence...? The ones that died in the ovens, died NOT knowing that there'll be an outlet of McDonalds in Tel aviv in 20014! Take care & try to use your intellect, you do possess it! Tom
9. oopsie: that was "persecution" of course ;-)
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