Mashal: Hamas was behind murder of three Israeli teens
Published: 23.08.14, 08:53
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1. Mike fbook
Adler S   (08.23.14)
You are probably wrong, i am jew, and i have documents from my great grandfathers and grandmothers, during ottoman and british occupation all the legal documents had this region registered as Palestine, but that doesnt change the Facts in the United Nations 1948. Shalom
2. play it on an endless loop...hamas kidnapped and murdered 3
Mighty Jew Young ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (08.23.14)
no question now, BURY GAZA in retrobution and teach scum islamist terrorists a lesson they won't soon forget. Especially when they and their supporters are all dead and no longer can attack and murder defenseless JEWS.
3. To Richard Nicoli 150 ynet likes l
AdlerS   (08.23.14)
"Mashal Is a serial liar and sounds like Barack Hussein Obama" He was a CIA spy during the 80's, then he was working for the british crown, and after all that he worked for muslims countries, He is not related to hamas leadership, he is not palestinian
4. Yeah right,,,,,
Frank, L ,   Baltimore, Md   (08.23.14)
Hamas and this Israel just needs to find it's place in hell. The teens were kidnapped in "Area C", an area of complete Israeli military, civilian, and U.S. settler control, hence the young U.S. citizen teen terrorist of dual citizenship, a settler terrorist teen. We now know Hamas was created by Israel and does it's bidding
5. Open letter to BS Mashal
Danielle ,   Israel   (08.23.14)
: Mr. Mashal, tell the truth, for you all Israeli is an Israeli soldier in potentia, even a 4 years old child. You are targeting mainly civilians eg when you could infiltrate in the Israeli territory with low tech human walking bomb, you have chosen as a target: discotheques (in Tel Aviv not a settlement) where 22 teenagers were murdered, an hotel during a holy fest (in Natanya not in the settlement)30 dead, entire families, restaurants and among them in Haifa where 21 civilians died, entire families, jews and arabs, Jerusalem, Sbarro restaurant, 15 dead among them 7 children (children like that kind of food), buses, a lot of buses....All that you did freely target so don't BS me and the world with your technical problems and your so called humanism, you are the head of one of the worst terrorist organization where civilians are the best target, Israelis as Gazans!
6. Really?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.23.14)
Tell us something we didn't know. How're you liking Israel's three-fingered salute to you, Mashaal? You're a dead man walking. We'll send you somewhere, but it won't exactly be rated seven stars. Keep looking over your shoulder. You're dead meat. And the stench is growing.
7. Then put a price on Mashaal's head.
David ,   Hartford USA   (08.23.14)
Here we have one of the top leaders of Hamas bragging that the elected government of Gaza was responsible for the kidnapping, murder, and dismemberment of three Israeli civilian teenagers. If that's not an international crime of some sort, I don't know what is. Evil exists in the world. Time to get rid of much of it as we can. If the people of Gaza can't or won't stop Hamas, then Israel has to- at any cost. Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil. The world should have no tolerance for Hamas or ISIS or al Qaeda and such.
8. Hamas and ISIS one and the same.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (08.23.14)
Whatever name these animals use they are all ISIS blood thirsty monsters who must be eliminated. Wipe Gaza off the map.
9. Khaled Meshal is a CIA spy!!!!
Adler S.   (08.23.14)
And he is from kuwait not from westbank neither from gaza! Snowden, Obama and Meshal met one year ago in Hawai hypocrites!!
10. Reply to Shafiq Ahmed
Adler S   (08.23.14)
You are ignorant of history, Jews love Peace. i am jew and all my grandmothers and great grandfathers were in Israel since the turk-ottoman occupation. Soon or later you will see Qatar riots against the government. Look how wherever goes Meshal khaled theres violence and incitement. He born in kuwait and they were invade by Sadam Hussein, he was in Jordan and the Hashemite kingdom exile him too. Then also he was in Lybia and Syria. Meshal is not palestinian he born in kuwait. I wish the israeli goverment ask from the United Nations to delete 15 letters Abbas signed in April 2014 joining UN organizations as an observer, until hamas give up. And how Fatah- with the olp terrorist Arafat became a non terrorist political party? eh? Isint Hamas the same shit?no, you dont need to answer that...
11. He does not have accurate weapons?
Bob   (08.23.14)
All he does is target civilian cities with his inaccurate weapons.
12. Time to dispose of this "palestinian" human trash and his
A ,   Belgium   (08.23.14)
criminal cohorts...Hyena, Abbas, quickly and as painfully as possible.
13. i don't believe him
zionist forever   (08.23.14)
At the time Hamas he sounded very much like he was not in the know and there had never been any release demands or anything. They were probably taken by amuter Hamas supporters taking the initiative and planning to hand them over to somebody who knew how to get things done but the IDF were searching to zoo and in the end the panicked and killed them. Mashal sounds like he is putting n an act of defiance and for the ears of the masses not the IDF or Israel intelligence. Hamas have taken a real pounding in the last month, they have lost some of their top men so Mashal wants to act lie you can't defeat us bby now claiming credit for something he was never behind.
14. The Mossad has to send in some hit men
Susan ,   Kfa Saba   (08.23.14)
to Qatar and finish off this trash.
15. 12
zionist forever   (08.23.14)
Time to dispose of this"Palestinia" human trash. Mashal is not human trash he is a sewer rat, they love to live in tunnels underground and when they poke up their ugly faces it's never to be anything but a vermin.
16. " 14. The Mossad has to send in some hit men "
A ,   Belgium   (08.23.14)
or a troop of Israeli Girl Scouts, who could finish off Mashal before the Qataris would figure out that something is amiss in their fantasy world of petrodollars.
17. bounty!!!
rjd ,   london   (08.24.14)
Let the Jewish world place a Bounty for the head of Khaled Mashal to be delivered to the Knesset for £10 million dollars plus a bonus of £1 million for each of the hamas leaders.
18. Deceitful headline
Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf ,   Rosario, Argentina   (08.24.14)
The story's headline is misleading and an example of bad faith. Mashal clearly states that the Hamas leadership was not aware of the action taken by three of its militants. Thus, Hamas, as a group, was not behind the murders; only three of its members were. Similarly, it is disingenuous to claim that "a senior Hamas religious figure admitted for the first time that Hamas had kidnapped and murdered the three Israeli teens." He only said that “There are those who say that it was your brothers in the al-Qassam Brigades, who carried it out for the sake of al-Qassam members who are in jails and who sit in a hunger strike.” I.e., he's not admitting anything; he's only repeating hearsay.
19. Think about it, people :
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (08.24.14)
Obviously Mashaal has spies in Israel writing down our weak points of area. We are too humane - give Gaza citizens temp work, West Bank Pali's work - and every time one of them attacks us in due process. Examples: restaurant worker befriended soldier worker, kidnapped him and killed him. Numbers of bulldozers driven by Arabs, plowing into cars and buses. Suicide bombers driven to their destination by Arab taxi drivers. The latest: Turkey Muslim caretaker killed 2 of his Jewish charges. We are too humane and this humanity will kill us in the end.
20. When Salah sealed his future
Abu yousuf   (08.24.14)
By this staitment
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