IAF strikes 12-story Gaza City building, causing it to collapse
Elior Levy, News Agencies
Published: 23.08.14, 20:08
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1. Hamas mutual death wish to her citizens
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (08.23.14)
a shared 'value system' death, destruction, and no water to drink, ultimately, that will be real last nail in Gaza's coffin. GO ISRAEL !!!
2. bla bla bla
marv   (08.23.14)
threaten intensified attacks, pay heavy price, hamas is really worried??!! Bibi is pathetic. Hamas appears the stronger party controlling where and when. At the same time bibi warns about iran. His warnings are also pathetic and empty. Looking at how he is dealing with hamas, iran has nothing to worry about and will get the bomb.
3. What happens in Islam, backfires on Islam, Hamas elimination
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.23.14)
4. Bibi's Threats
Steve Gure ,   Coconut Creek USA   (08.23.14)
Unfortunately Bibi" threats are not taken seriously by anyone. Her has to be replaced by someone who can do the job,
5. #2 yeah and they will test it out on ISIS
Lol, Hamas holes ,   dug yourselves one   (08.23.14)
6. Okay
Fides ,   Nigeria   (08.23.14)
7. does the #400 kids include the 160+ killed by digging
hamas holes?   (08.23.14)
8. Well done IDF. Keep going (end)
DT ,   TA Israel   (08.23.14)
9. Wow: a major victory for Bibi! Is there a way for a compu-
terized response program, identifying each & every point of launch and AUTOMATICALLY (without any involvement from humans) sending a missile to that destination, be that hospital, school or Pope's bedroom?! No fliers, no warnings. Just plain response. Every time! We can always claim: "the Computer did it" :-)
10. Israel warns terrorists to flee building
Jhan   (08.23.14)
With such idiots, there is nothing you can do, you cannot fix stupid, even if it's self-destructive stupid.
11. #9
zev ,   Haifa, London   (08.23.14)
Funny you say that...
12. 4
zionist forever   (08.24.14)
Every PM will face the same problems. A bystander or even a government minister can criticise but as PM you have to make the hard choices. Bibi is under a lot of political pressure from Obama and fact is when the US demands it eventually Israel has to agree to it if we want US weapons, political support and veto on the Securty Council, He also will not have the support of the public forever and eventually there will be growing voices for a political solution. The opportunists like Lapid are already trying to make this war a political issue by acting as the strong man but insisting there must be a political solution They are just some of the problems but being PM is a thankless job and somebody is always gong to criticise you
13. the internet really has become a mirror
erin ,   USA Israel   (08.24.14)
of our behavior. we should watch it. it may help us turn from our ways in times of need. Islamic jihad is not acceptable; Islam is not a violent religion. Thank you.
14. asymmetrics idf
hyme   (08.24.14)
idf should be knocking down city blocks after knockon eachroof like the ss19s used in abkazia.
15. ISIS is in Gaza...Bibi must level them immediately!
Dina   (08.24.14)
16. #9
David ,   New York   (08.24.14)
That was prof auman's idea Nice idea, but of course israel would still be blamed. I think it's a better idea to have a second Jewish state in Judaea and Samaria and have them shoot missiles there and flatten the place. Then Israel could "condemn" this, while all the time reaping the benefits
17. No building over two
Barney ,   USA   (08.24.14)
Stories should be standing. As most of their infrastructure is underground one story should be enough and that is a luxury just to pke their heads up to see if Hamas has prompted the total destruction of their world. Actually they should dig deeper. Daylight, sun, fresh air mean nothing to a death cult. The underworld that is their thing
18. Right on track IDF
USA   (08.24.14)
Kill the big rats and any small rats encountered. It's a typical pyramid organization...the smaller rats are in greater numbers but take off the head rats with priority. Decimate their numbers eventually. The Gazan masses now realize HAMAS was the worst thing they voted in.
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